Cast UK hosts Think Logistics meeting to help build the talent pathway

The Cast UK team has joined forces with partners involved with Think Logistics to help encourage school leavers and graduates to consider a career in logistics. We were thrilled to host a meeting at our Manchester HQ to discuss Think Logistics and Career Ready plans for The Skills Show at the NEC in November.

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Cast UK new starters invited to see Bunzl Healthcare supply chain in action

There is nothing quite like first-hand experience, so as part of Cast UK’s training and induction programme for new consultants joining our business, we have partnered with Bunzl Healthcare, one of our key customers, who invited our new recruits to see how their supply chain and logistics operation functions.

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Ten questions. One hot seat…

Climbing the career ladder is not always an easy pathway to navigate. We’ve spoken to experts in their fields to encourage them to share pearls of wisdom about how they’ve made it in their specialist sectors.

This month we put Mike Utting, Managing Director of SpringTide Consulting Ltd, in the hot seat to answer ten questions about his career.

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The 5 Key Points towards Building Rewarding Relationships

At our head office in Manchester there is a graphic on one of our walls which simply says “Building rewarding relationships” and earlier this week I interviewed a potential new recruit for our business who saw the graphic and asked how much emphasis we actually put on that. On reflection my response was possibly too detailed and in hindsight maybe went on a little too long however the question made me really reflect on its meaning & how important it is in business for everyone.

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Interim consultants are too expensive…… aren’t they?

Daylight Robbery?

So you think you will benefit from bringing an interim consultant / project manager in to the business to help out with an impending project or to help improve a service issue and you are quoted £500 PER DAY!

EXTORTIONATE! You instinctively do your calculations and determine that the equivalent of a ludicrous £130K PER YEAR!

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How to get the best out of your Recruitment Consultant

I have worked in recruitment for 7 years after joining Cast UK in 2008. I spent the first couple of years as a consultant then moved on to manage a number of successful teams. During that time and even to this day, it surprises me how many candidates and clients don’t make the most of their recruitment consultant.

In our office, our consultants are encouraged to be consultative in their role. We want to be maximised and challenged and we take an immense amount of satisfaction in finding someone their ideal next role and finding a client their next rising star.

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What came first, the unsolicited email or the client relationship?

So what do you really think when you get an email from me highlighting an exceptional, hot property candidate who has just come on to the market? Genuinely I’d like to know.

On my first day in recruitment (many, many moons ago) the order of the day was to get acquainted with candidates in my area and to build up market knowledge, splitting the ‘ear to the ground’ folk from the more active individuals. It’s been recruitment practice for years to offer to ‘proactively market’ candidates to our client base if they see the value in it and give their permission…

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Top Ten Client Excuses

Continuing our celebration of Cast UK’s 10th Anniversary, here’s another blog based on the number “10”.

After my post about “Top Ten Candidate Excuses”, it only seemed fair to balance it out with a “Top Ten of Client Excuses”. I should point out that the excuses listed below have been collated over the ten years we have been operating!

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Worst Top Ten Candidate Excuses

Cast UK are excited to be nearing our 10th birthday in May this year & to celebrate we have decided to produce a series of blogs around the number “10”.

Our first showcases some of the worst / best or most unusual candidate excuses we’ve had over the last ten years to get out of an interview. Some of them we hear time & time again, while others are somewhat less common!

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Are your Procurement Skills transferable?

If you have worked within a procurement or buying environment, you have probably worked alongside people with quite a diverse set of backgrounds. So why is it, when you see a job advertised it will usually ask for experience in the same industry?

Generally speaking there appears to be two main schools of thought regarding the relevance of industry experience when it comes to securing that next challenge.

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