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Psychometric Testing Tips

The best way to pass your psychometric test is to prepare ahead, work hard on the day, and develop a good-practice test-taking approach. Print the tips below and follow the advice to be in with a chance of success. Psychometric tests are often just one part of an assessment centre, along with other tasks such as group work exercises, presentations and in-depth competency based interviews.

Most employers are using psychometric tests to measure the capabilities of applicants, compare the brightest candidates, and find the best match between employer and employee. Employers love psychometric tests because they are a quick, effective way to automate the process of sifting through vast numbers of job applications. Candidates are less fond of psychometric tests, but you can approach them with confidence by reading our top tips and advice below.

 The term psychometric test is an umbrella term which covers ability testing and personality profiling. The two main categories of psychometric testing that you may encounter are: 


Aptitude Tests

Psychometric aptitude tests otherwise known as ability tests are designed to measure your cognitive capacity, for example numerical reasoning or verbal comprehension. Practising this type of psychometric test will help improve candidates’ scores. 

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Personality Questionnaires

Personality questionnaires aim to measure character traits such as confidence, empathy, attitude to risk, and so on. They are called questionnaires because there are no right or wrong answers, however the recruiter will be looking to see how well you fit with their organisation. It is not possible to wildly influence the outcome of personality tests because to a large extent you are who you are.  

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