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I founded Cast back in 2005 following a successful career working within Logistics operations and Retail management. At that time, I had never worked within a recruitment business but I had a strong belief that I could offer better customer service than any other firm. This may sound conceited but even today everything my team and I do is centred around ensuring we offer the very best customer service. I am, and always have been, a bit of a tech geek! This has helped hugely with the growth and development of Cast. I have always invested heavily in technology, data and the adoption of this. Today, our sophisticated tech stack is a huge enabler to ensure we deliver on our promise of providing the very best customer experience for the tens of thousands of people my team and I interact with globally.


I love sport! My favourite sport is football and I am an avid Manchester United fan. I'm also a big fan of travelling, eating out and meeting new people

Fun Facts

1. I asked Roy Keane, on my 40th birthday, for a selfie and he told me (in rather an aggressive voice) "no"

2. I did a bungee jump over a pub car park as the person who was supposed to do it didn't turn up. I was simply sat having a beer at the time!

3. I met my wife in a queue for a nightclub after I pushed in front of her!

4. I have taken a penalty in three separate football finals and missed all three (we also lost all three finals)!


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