A recruitment solution that’s as agile as you need it to be.

Recruitment should be simple. It should be a quick process, but it should be entirely bespoke to you too. And it should provide you with the talent and skills that your business needs to thrive. Recruitment is simple with CAST+.


An overview of CAST+

With Cast UK, securing the right talent is as simple as you need it to be. Because we know that value is more than just a number.

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signs you need CAST+ right now

  1. You’ve lost top talent due to a drawn-out recruitment process
  2. You’re drowning in applications and don’t have the time to review them thoroughly
  3. You find it hard to compare internal applicants as their process is different
  4. Your current recruitment partner can’t extend your free replacement period
  5. You want to outsource recruitment but without paying a lump sum

CAST+ is your agile recruitment solution

Life’s too short to spend your time deciphering recruitment solutions.

So why not use a solution that empowers you to discover talent in a simpler way? You’ll get exactly what you want from recruitment for exactly the price you’ll pay.

With our recruitment services, you have choice. You can choose:

  • How much you pay
  • A longer free replacement period - or none at all
  • To spread your payments - or pay in a lump sum

Would you like...

  • A solution that’s made specifically for you?
  • The option to choose the length of your free replacement period?
  • The entire process taken care of, from video interviews to shortlist?
  • A selection of extra features, at no additional cost?

No problem.

CAST+ is bespoke to your needs.

It’s quick, easy and seamless - so you can experience the best service on the market.

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BroadCAST video interviewing

Our online interviewing facility which allows you to interview anytime anywhere, and view your candidate shortlists & documents in a single location. Easy to use tech that will revolutionize your hiring process.

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CAST+ extra features

Our recruitment solution provides you with a variety of options - simply choose the ones you want.

Set questions for candidates to answer and record at any time, and play back their interview at your convenience. This feature is perfect for busy businesses.

Our consultants undertake all first stage interviews for you, providing a shortlist of the highest-calibre candidates complete with all their information in a single location. You can then interview them anytime, anywhere – with up to 10 stakeholders from your company. It’s that quick and that easy. 

Assess a candidate’s logical, numerical and verbal ability, and identify 23 personality traits. Together with 1,500 skill-based tests across all languages and levels, the assessment choice is endless.

Promote your business and vacancy with branded social media posts and animated video content across a number of channels. We’ll also create a targeted email campaign to reach your specific talent pool.


Why use CAST+?

CAST+, our specialist recruitment solution, was created with you in mind. Our solution makes the hiring process much quicker and simpler, taking away the stress of hiring. 

With CAST+ you get the option to choose how much you pay, your length of free replacement period, and the option to spread your payments, all whilst getting a solution that is entirely bespoke to you. With our unrivaled access to Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Buying, and HR talent, we can go to market, find candidates and undertake first-stage interviews on your behalf. Making sure we only send highly-qualified candidates your way.

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