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The best talent is 800% more productive than average performers. But, of course, actually recruiting the top 1% of leadership talent is hugely complex. The vast majority of those who accept a leadership role often weren't searching for one - someone found them. CASTExec goes the extra mile to help you build executive leadership teams, in turn creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

CASTExec supercharges your C-suite and senior recruitment.


An overview of CASTExec

CASTExec makes securing strategic talent as simple as you need it to be. Together, we'll build your leadership team and enable change. 

On the hunt for the top 1% of leadership talent? 

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The 5 biggest issues with recruiting executive talent...

  1. Recruiting senior and C-suite professionals is notoriously difficult and time-consuming
  2. The best executive talent is generally passive and tough to find
  3. It's hard to secure the right talent, especially as long notice periods cause problems
  4. Hiring the wrong person is expensive, lengthy, and can even be catastrophic
  5. There are too many complicated recruitment packages out there

Introducing CASTExec - Our executive recruitment solution

CASTExec ensures you don't leave your strategic leadership recruitment up to chance, and instead get it right first time round

Our solution blends verified search methodologies with advanced technology and techniques. Together with our industry and specialist networks and hands-on, consultative approach, this means that we can help you discover the very best executive talent to create superior leadership teams.

We also help you navigate an ever-changing global landscape, with the option for targeted international campaigns to ensure a diverse and exceptional shortlist of senior-level candidates. We'll enable you to maximise your search, but minimise the time you spend on laborious recruitment processes.

Through CASTExec, you can guarantee the success of your hire for up to 12 months. You can also choose:

  • How much you pay
  • A longer free replacement period - or none at all
  • To spread your payments - or pay in a lump sum

Would you like...

  • Access to the most exceptional leadership talent, quickly?
  • Dedicated experts to take care of your executive recruitment needs?
  • A wide range of choice in terms of payment?
  • A selection of additional features, all included in the package?
  • The time to focus on your business, rather than recruitment?

You can get it all with CASTExec.

Our executive recruitment consultancy will help you build a superior leadership team, ensuring you have the right people to direct and develop your organisation.

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