Recruitment Solutions

Think finding the right talent is complicated? That’s why we’ve made our recruitment Solutions simple. Want to choose how much you pay? Want a longer replacement period? Want to spread your payments? No problem.

What can our solutions do for you?

CAST+: For the ultimate agility

The benefits:

CAST+ allows you to find fresh talent quickly and seamlessly. No more drowning in applications, no more navigating the complexity - you simply choose exactly what you want out of recruitment (how much you want it to cost, your free replacement period options, and your payment schedule), and then you pay for exactly what you get.

  • A solution tailored to your precise needs
  • Choose the length of your free replacement period, or none at all
  • A seamless process, with every step effectively managed by us
  • Various extra features to pick from (at no additional cost)

CASTExec: For your C-suite and senior talent

The benefits:

Recruiting for senior and C-suite roles is traditionally difficult and time-consuming. But with CASTExec, you get the right talent the first time around. We use a combination of proven search methodologies and modern technology and techniques, matching you to the top 1% of leadership talent that's capable of taking your business to the next level.

  • Access to a diverse and exceptional shortlist
  • Ability to swiftly secure and hire the best talent, locally and internationally
  • Guaranteed success of your hire for up to 12 months
  • The option to use additional features, including employer branded advertising

CASTInterim: For accessing niche talent at speed

The benefits:

CASTInterim helps you quickly fill critical gaps in your team or project requirements, providing you with the expert talent you need to hit the ground running in less than 48 hours. What's more, we make it hassle-free. Nothing should stand in the way of you and your strategic goals, so we ensure you can move forward with a project without issue.

  • The ability to be agile with an injection of experience and expertise
  • Compliant processes ensure no IR35 or GDPR risks
  • A single point of contact for all interim communications
  • Software that enables you to view all contractor information in one place

CASTTalent: For the right talent, right when you need it

The benefits:

CASTTalent gives you security with your future hiring. You simply set a total salary value pot to secure a bundle of hires, and spread our recruitment fee (a percentage of the pot) over monthly instalments. Whether you're recruiting for niche roles or multiple levels across your business, we ensure you fill any skill gaps in advance.

  • The option for a longer free replacement period over the contract length
  • Your team will be able to focus on where their talents lie: the core business
  • No issues around compliance – we’ll shoulder the risk for you
  • You get the talent you need as soon as you’re ready to propel business growth

CASTIR35: For total reform compliance

The benefits:

CASTIR35 will help you stay on the right side of IR35 legislation. Through our solution, you can focus on your core operations whilst we deal with all the aspects of the private sector reform - from assessing the status of contractors, to managing insurance and administration, to ensuring compliance in your supply chain.

  • Peace of mind that all contractors you engage are correctly assessed
  • Swift recruitment to ensure you get the high-calibre talent you need
  • Zero risk of fines or backdated taxes
  • Streamlined supplier communications

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