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Engineering Sector Overview

The pace of technological development is such that many of the existing jobs in engineering will have evolved significantly in years to come.

  • Major growth sectors include aerospace, chemicals, space and renewable energy.
  • The sector faces a significant skills gap and emphasis is now on creating a seamless career path into engineering.
  • Engineering makes a vital and valued contribution to the UK economy, and can help mitigate the major global challenges of climate change, ageing populations, and supply of food, clean water and energy.
  • Over a quarter of the UK’s firms operate in engineering sectors.
  • Engineering sectors produce the majority of the nation’s exports and play an essential role in supporting the UK’s international competitiveness by investing in research and development and innovation.

Engineering Sector Details

The sector’s critical skills shortage presents an opportunity for education establishments and employers to collaborate and for fresh talent coming through the ranks to gain valuable skills for career progression.

  • We recruit a wide range of roles in engineering, from procurement and purchasing to logistics and supply chain.
  • There is greater emphasis on technical competency in today’s climate as well as strong management and leadership skills to oversee complex, fast-evolving projects.
  • The challenge posed by ‘hard to fill’ roles in the sector could potentially stall new product development and innovation. Access to training and development and high calibre candidates is critical for the economy.

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