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Anyone who has seen a digital project through from beginning to end knows that it’s a far from a straightforward process. Strategies and contingencies can be planned, but digital technologies have a habit of conflicting with each other, failing to run on certain operating systems and suffering platform integration problems. The project manager is therefore one of the most important people in any digital plan. They need to not only create the plan to get developers to work on the project, but also manage testing and these inevitable hiccups in line with the client’s expectations.

The digital project manager also needs to be a manager of people as well as data. Programmers, developers and designers need to be fully appraised of the project’s aims and timelines if the project is to be completed to everyone’s satisfaction, so it is the job of the digital project manager to ensure all information is given to the appropriate people and that a channel of communication back to the manager is always open.

The skills required

The most valuable asset to the digital project manager is a calm, methodical approach to planning, but because digital projects are not like any other projects, a solid foundation in development and what you can expect of developers is an absolute must. Experience of managing large projects either in a formal or an informal sense (e.g. in an agile structure) will count towards this requirement. You will have an approachable and understanding personality too, to gel with the team as it embarks on a long and difficult project.

Successful digital project managers are also adept jugglers. Managing a single project is difficult enough as the resources combine to take the task to completion, but in many cases you manage several widely differing digital projects that pull on your own resources in all directions. This is where your experience and logical manner comes to the fore.

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