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Sector Overview

There are around 9,000 companies operating in defence in the UK, with BAE Systems dominating the landscape and employing approximately 40,000 domestically. 

  • ADS is the premier trade organisation advancing the UK aerospace, defence, security and space industries.
  • The UK defence sector is a leading high-tech manufacturing and service provider for the UK.
  • The Defence Solutions Centre (DSC) brings together industry with support from Government, to develop the new defence technologies of the future and identify key market opportunities​.
  • The Defence Growth Partnership (DGP) launched its plan ‘Delivering Growth’ in 2014. This is an ambitious programme of work that will see industry and government align £30 million of resources over the next three years.

  • The sector generates £22.1 billion per year for the economy.

Sector Details

If the European defence industry is to remain globally competitive, it will need to have access to individuals with a broad skills base, especially given the pace of technological development. 

  • ​We recruit a wide range of roles in defence, from procurement and purchasing to logistics and supply chain.
  • The sector trade body, ADS, leads the Supply Chains for the Twenty First Century (SC21) programme, designed to accelerate the competitiveness of the aerospace and defence industries by raising the performance of supply chains.
  • With skills gaps in the sector, there is an opportunity for employers to look at different resourcing models, incorporating contract and interim management roles for peak trading periods or transformational projects.

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