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Sector Overview

The public sector is by far the biggest employer in the UK, with around 21% of the UK workforce involved in this arena in some way. Local government makes up just under half of the public sector, with nearly 3 million people involved in the 433 local authorities in the UK.

  • Around 5.7 million people work in the public sector across the UK.
  • The public sector procurement process spans a life cycle from identification of the need, through the selection of suppliers, to post-contract award management and disposal.
  • Acting collaboratively is an important driver for VFM, and is particularly relevant in areas of common spend like commodity goods and services.
  • A business case should justify the procurement activity and expenditure, and assess the issue of VFM, looking at objectives, benefits, strategic fit, deliverability, affordability, options and suitable commercial approaches.
  • While commercial drivers are key, there is demand for innovation and collaboration when it comes to procuring public services and passing on value through the supply chain.

Sector Details

Despite economic challenges, the public sector remains one of the major employers in the UK. The management of an efficient, commercially viable, innovative procurement and supply chain infrastructure is key to ensuring the sector remains economically competitive.

  • We recruit managerial and professional level procurement and supply chain roles in the public sector.
  • In additional to technical ability, skills such as leadership, innovation and commercial understanding are highly valued.
  • The sector offers plenty of scope for career progression, with the opportunity of working on high-value, complex projects.

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