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The modern company simply cannot function without an IT system that’s firing on all cylinders. But as companies become ever more specialized, the IT they use becomes less off-the-shelf and more bespoke or even designed and implemented internally. This can be a complex task, and requires a skilled team led by an equally skilled head of IT.

The role of head of IT varies massively across industry. Some will deal solely with the most common systems and their value will be in their depth of knowledge, leadership qualities and ability to troubleshoot and manage tickets. At the other end of the scale are those overseeing IT systems that they perhaps had a hand in designing, and are charged with ensuring the system is fully documented and understood so that the rest of the team can manage it. Whichever model is used, the head of IT sets up project workstreams and makes sure they are carried out to completion. There may also be some training and application development tasks, but the exact nature depends on the employer.

The skills required

To be a head of IT, you need to have plenty of experience in working with a variety of information technology systems, and experience in managing a team doing it. However, many companies have an IT personnel structure that is many-tiered, and being an IT team leader might be enough to become a head in some companies. It’s likely that most companies will require some formal IT qualification, too.

Depending on the size and nature of the company, the head of IT could be overseeing a small team of on-call technicians or a project managing a major computer infrastructure that spans continents. It’s a title that means many different things, but as long as you have a proven ability to deliver the level of expertise the company wants and you can manage people and projects together, you could make a successful head of IT.

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