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Trading with foreign jurisdictions has been in existence as long as humanity, and it has always come with its rafts of laws and regulations to make sure all imports and exports are legal. In modern times, despite opening up borders and relaxing duties, importation is still a job that requires expert administrators with a deep knowledge of the law surrounding their sector.

From a business perspective, the import manager’s most important role is to ensure all imports land in their allotted places on time and in one piece. Since warehousing can be an expensive business, ensuring imports are timed perfectly to keep them moving and profits growing will be vital. The import manager will also be in charge of ensuring deliveries are correct as ordered and are not damaged, and remedial action will be required if anything is amiss.

The import manager may also have buying responsibilities, keeping an eye on prices, seeking out more efficient deals and negotiating rates with existing or new suppliers. But in every aspect of the job, the need to observe both UK and international law will be the overarching requirement, as failure to observe it could threaten the company’s future and profits.

The skills required

The role of the import manager will be divided between business critical, financial management and ensuring the correct paperwork is in order regarding import law. It is therefore a multi-stranded job, which will necessarily suit people able to switch between roles several times a day.

A thorough knowledge of import law, particularly law surrounding the specific goods and the jurisdictions being dealt with, will be essential, especially in smaller companies, where the import manager might not have a large team to assist with this element. However in larger companies some of the specific roles might be filled by specialists in particular goods or markets, so more general management skills will be valued.

An ability to keep track of complex logistical operations will be required, and as this will be largely computerised, so will a good grasp of modern IT systems.

Import Manager Jobs in Swindon

A town located in Wiltshire, around halfway between Bristol and Reading, Swindon is a busy place with lots of opportunity for those seeking Import Manager vacancies.

The town's early history goes back to a Saxon settlement that was called Suindune in the Domesday Book. For hundreds of years, it mainly subsisted as a market town, with the trade of cattle, corn and other agricultural produce, as well as horse sales.

During the 19th century, the area was known for its railway works, which built and repaired locomotives for the Great Western Railway - a train company that connected the south-west and Wales to London's Paddington Station.

Today, Swindon's economy is mainly based in the retail and service sector and there are a number of large shopping centres in the region.

The town is also home to several big businesses. For instance, Honda and BMW/Mini both have manufacturing sites in the area, while W H Smith's distribution centre and headquarters are also situated in Swindon.

Other companies based in Swindon or with major facilities in the vicinity include Motorola, Dolby, Intel, Nationwide Building Society, Arval and the National Trust.

What's more, Swindon is home to a book depository for Oxford's Bodleian library. The facility has 153 miles of shelving and enough space to house an estimated eight million tomes.

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