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NED Recruitment

Non-executive director recruitment services

Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) can be an excellent asset for a company, by ensuring compliance with corporate governance, especially in owner-managed businesses where the Board may have limited control because the owner is often the sole or majority shareholder.

  • The day-to-day pressures of running an SME can take the focus away from long-term strategic planning, so NEDs can help develop a better vision for an organisation by having an ‘outside-in’ approach.
  • It’s often difficult for business owners and executives to talk about certain issues. An external ‘listening ear’ can help air these worries and create a plan to take the business forward.
  • Many NEDs have a strong business portfolio behind them, which can bring pearls of wisdom and experience to add significant value.
  • There is compelling evidence to suggest that SMEs with an NED are more likely to extract a higher premium for the business in the event of any takeover or sale.
  • NEDs can make great business mentors to less experienced executives within an organisation.
  • Understanding corporate governance presents SMEs with a route to better management practices, which are integral to growth.

How Cast UK can help

Cast UK has first-hand experience of embarking on a sharp growth curve and the appointment of NEDs as part of that trajectory. We have ‘lived experience’ which means we are able relate to and empathise with other organisations in a similar situation. 

  • With experience of working with peers, entrepreneurs and academics at Lancaster University Management School, we have access to exceptional intelligence on organisational models and the benefits of working with NEDs.
  • Many of our experienced contacts from FTSE 500 companies are prime candidates for NEDs, offering us access to a broad and specialist talent pool.

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