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We never stand still: We feel that a traditional contingent recruitment solution no longer meets all of our clients’ needs, so we have developed new service products to allow clients to select the best choice for them off the shelf, with no hassle or fuss.

Generally speaking, most recruitment agencies offer clients a choice between contingent or retained services:

  • Contingent recruitment a “No-win no-fee” service where recruiters work in competition with other recruiters, and often with the client themselves. While this method can be successful, it can also result in poor candidate vetting (due to time pressures) and candidate ownership issues, which can negatively affect candidate’s view of the client’s employer brand.
  • Retained recruitment is worked on an exclusive basis, with the fee paid in stages as the work is carried out. The advantage of this method is that recruiters can scour the market in depth for the best available talent. It can save time for the client dealing with only one point of contact and can strengthen the employer’s brand as all candidates are dealt with consistently.

But the world has moved on

Given the candidate-led market, employment at a 40 year high, an increasing Skills Gap, combined with Brexit, our clients find themselves in a War for Talent, and this requires up-to-date tools to win it.

Our products, combine the latest cutting-edge technology, employer branding and recruitment services to provide clients with a “Best in Class” service, with clear and simple options to choose from.

EDGE Our Premium Product

Want all the benefits of a retained service with an online video interviewing suite and help with employer branding? Edge combines the latest cutting-edge tech, with employer branding, our retained service and an extended rebate period to create our premium service bundle.

REACH Advertising Only

Want to recruit in-house but need help and advice regarding employer branding and advertising, leveraging our industry social media networks & connections?

Then this is the service bundle for you.

CORE If it's not broken, don't fix it

Happy with a contingent service?

Then we still offer our standard recruitment service, tailored to provide an expert and effective solution for your recruitment requirements across all our specialisms.

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