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Our Employer Branded, Advertising Only Service

Don’t want to use our full recruitment service? With Reach you can recruit the position in-house whilst leveraging our employer branding recruitment tools and extensive network.

Reach helps our clients that want help creating branded job adverts and microsites, advertising across multiple job boards and spreading the word about the role they are recruiting for using our website and our extensive social networks.

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What are the benefits?

  • Leverage Cast UK's social networks, domain authority and brand awareness to recruit roles in-house
  • Employer branded advert and microsite created by our expert marketing team
  • All roles listed on Google Jobs
  • All roles advertised across multiple job boards
  • Amplify your talent search and employer brand using our social reach of 550,000 connections
  • All CVs batched sent directly to you
  • Profile testing through IBM Kenexa – 1500 tests to choose from

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What's included?

  • Design & creation of branded job advert published on the Cast UK website, cross leading job boards and your role listed on Google Jobs for 4 weeks
  • Design & creation of branded employer microsite, selling the benefits of working for your business
  • Social media promotion of your role on our website and across our social networks for 4 weeks
  • Employer branding & social media advice
  • Personality profiling
  • Psychometric testing - logical, numerical & verbal
  • Manager & leadership profiling
  • Vocational & task specific testing (1500 test options)
  • All applications & CVs batched an sent directly to your designated hiring manager