Kerry O'Neill

May 30, 2022

Why You Need A Holistic Employer Value Proposition, And How To Create Yours


Improving an employer value proposition to attract and retain employees is well-known advice. But now, you need to be prepared to go beyond this – specifically, you need to offer a holistic EVP.

In this blog, we detail the importance of this, and provide valuable tips on creating your own.

The importance of a holistic EVP

Research from Gartner found that only 31% of HR leaders believe staff are happy with their organisation’s employer value proposition – indicating the need for drastic change. As a result, more and more businesses are recognising that their existing EVPs are outdated, and are updating them in line with present times. So if you don’t ensure yours reflects the needs of today’s candidates, you’ll fall behind your competitors.

The same research also found that 82% of staff considered it very important that they’re seen first as an individual, then as an employee – yet only 45% felt that their current employer did so.

Creating your holistic employer value proposition

To offer a holistic EVP, you need to be human in your approach. Employee satisfaction increases by 15% when they feel more autonomous, invested, understood, cared for, and valued. This helps them to feel better at work, and with life in general.

Consider these five valuable tips:


  1. Enable strong connections

These are needed so that employees feel more understood. It’s not just work relationships though – it’s also those with their loved ones and their community.

Emphasise the direct family benefits that align the team member’s and business’ requirements. For instance, parental leave policies were found to be core priorities in Gartner’s research.


  1. Offer all-encompassing flexibility

Whilst the last couple of years have introduced a positive change in flexible working hours and location, there’s still a lack of options. Employees should have choice in their work, as it allows them to be more autonomous.

Perhaps not all elements of a role can be flexible. Establish what can and can’t, then make this clear to staff so they know their level of autonomy.


  1. Show your commitment to personal growth

Remember, this isn’t about growing professionally. Your team members want to be able to develop as people too; this is how they feel valued.

Consider letting employees have a say in their development. This way, they’re presented with choices that can help to satisfy their individual needs and career paths.


  1. Focus on wellbeing

Mental health has been a key topic for many years, and there’s much guidance available on how to support this. As part of your holistic EVP, you could appoint mental health champions to hold candid conversations about wellbeing.

Don’t forget about physical, financial and social wellbeing either. Each plays a vital role, so look at how you could incorporate these into your employer value proposition.

  1. Provide opportunities for shared purpose

CSR (corporate social responsibility) is a core part of many businesses these days. By giving employees responsibility, holding them accountable for the decision making involved, and demonstrating how their ideas fit with the organisation’s goals, you help them feel more invested.


Such opportunities ensure their viewpoints are heard and actioned, which is beneficial for the organisation.


Know #WhatCandidatesWant


The five points outlined above are key to a holistic employer value proposition, though it’s important to note that employee benefits are still a crucial factor. Moving forward, you need to know precisely what candidates want – and we can help.

Our Salary & Benefit Guides 2022 uncovers candidate needs, in-demand skills, key hiring trends, how to recruit in a peak climate, and much more.


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