Transport Supervisor - Hereford

Transport Supervisor jobs

The transport supervisor of a logistics company will be in charge of most aspects of the fleet, from arranging deliveries to ensuring the legal compliance of the vehicles and drivers. This means that the role will include ensuring all vehicles are well maintained and in possession of all the relevant certificates. Should repairs take place within the company, these will have to be booked in, but as many vehicle repairs will be the responsibility of the leasing firm or the manufacturer, the transport supervisor will have to sort these out too.

Overseeing the drivers will also be part of the job. Recruitment of drivers either full time or through agencies will he the transport supervisor’s job, as will health and safety, remuneration, training, motivation and disciplinary action should it arise. While some of these tasks might be carried out by specific members of the team, a good appreciation of them all will be useful.

Finally, the transport supervisor will liaise with senior management regularly to be updated on upcoming work so as to plan for it, and also with customers, to make sure their needs are being met. A general sense of efficiency and profitability should permeate everything the transport supervisor does, and he or she might have executive power to take action should they be found wanting.

The skills required

A thorough understanding of the types of vehicle being used will be required, especially with regard to the legal requirements. Having the wrong paperwork for vehicles is too big a risk for a logistic company to take, and the transport supervisor will need to be on the ball when it comes to this aspect.

Great communication skill will help to keep the workforce informed and motivated, and will help to minimise delivery errors which can be costly in the short and long term.

Data handling experience will be an advantage, as head office will probably want daily, weekly or monthly performance figures on their desk so they can act on them. IT skills and an ability to pick up new solutions quickly will help with this.

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Transport Supervisor Jobs in Hereford

Herefordshire is a county full of small towns, as is proved by the fact that its county town, Hereford, has a population of just 55,000 and is the county’s most populous settlement. It is located right in the middle of the county, which is wedged between Wales to the west and Worcestershire to the east. The town itself is 45 miles (73 km) south west of Birmingham, the same distance south of Shrewsbury and 25 miles (40 km) north west of Cheltenham. The nearest motorway is the M50, which comes to an abrupt stop 10 miles from the city limits.

One of the reasons for Herefordshire’s low population is that the county is largely agricultural; the Hereford is one of the UK’s most famous cattle breeds. Hereford cider is also well known. We all remember Woodpecker Cider, Hereford lightning … Don’t we? Hereford was a market town as well as a centre for religion and governance.

In modern times, Hereford is a hard working town, and still has a reputation for brewing and agricultural products. Bulmers makes Strongbow, Bulmers Cider and the aforementioned Woodpecker, but there are also Spinning Dog brewery, Wye Valley brewery and Weston’s Cider to keep the locals occupied (some of it makes it out of town too). With such a strong and popular market for nationally known products, Hereford could be a good place to seek Transport Supervisor work at the moment.

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