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Career choices are major decisions in life. We’re here to help you navigate that process and take the next critical step on the ladder. But rather than tell you that, let’s ask candidates we’ve worked with to talk about their experience…

What our candidates say about us

  • During the recruitment process my consultant had a very relaxed yet professional approach. I felt very confident and at ease as she understood my desire to get my dream job! Throughout my interview stages, Cast UK helped me and kept me informed and positive. Now I have my dream job I feel my consultant should definitely take the credit.

    Raffaela Wheeler

    Buyers Assistant

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    Compared to my experience with other recruiters, Cast UK were more than helpful. My consultant was quick at getting back to emails and proactive in calling me with updates.
    The whole process from discussing the role initially to being offered was a matter of a couple of weeks, whereas other recruiters can be sometimes difficult to get hold of. I would definitely recommend Cast UK to others looking for job roles.

    Katie Prescott

    Junior Buyer

  • During the recruitment process my consultant kept a very relaxed, friendly but professional approach. I was made to feel comfortable asking any questions I had, however trivial they may have been.
    Cast UK were very open about the company I’d applied to join and this helped me make sure that I was a good fit for them and the company was a good fit for me.
    If I was ever looking for another role, I would get in touch with Cast UK, just as I would if I was looking to recruit for a role within my team.

    Dominic McGuinness

    Channel Manager

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    I’ve been registered with Cast UK for over 2 years and have found the consultancy very professional and helpful in finding me an opening in my managerial position. I was very pleased with my consultant’s knowledge on the role I was looking for; he was very up front and honest in the vacancy he offered me. He always kept me in loop as to how my progress with the position was going and whenever I called, there was always a member from Cast UK to help.

    I highly recommend Cast UK for their job prospects as they are most professional team I have come across. Once again thanks to the Cast UK team, your help was very much appreciated.

    Yogesh Patel

    Warehouse Shift Manager

  • After finding myself in the unfortunate position of being made redundant for the first time, I contacted a number of people I knew, including my consultant from Cast UK.

    From day one, my consultant delivered on every commitment he made to me. His integrity shone through in all of the dealings I had with him. It was clear from the start that he wasn’t going to get me to accept something or meet a business that wasn’t right for me. He had great insight into his client base and only suggested positions where he was confident there would be a good fit for me and his client. This approach really paid off and I have now secured another exciting opportunity!

    I would have no hesitation in recommending my consultant as a recruitment partner, and I am sure he is typical of how the whole team at Cast UK operate.

    Gary Thompson

    General Manager

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    During the recruitment process my consultant had a very relaxed yet professional approach. I felt very confident and at ease as she understood my desire to get my dream job! Throughout my interview stages, Cast UK helped me and kept me informed and positive. Now I have my dream job I feel my consultant should definitely take the credit.

    Raffaela Wheeler

    Buyers Assistant

  • Cast UK match the person to the job which makes them different from other recruitment professionals. My consultant went into detail about the job to make sure it was right for me. I would recommend him and Cast UK to anyone who is looking to move employer. Big thank you!

    Anthony Baines

    Warehouse Manager

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    I would definitely recommend Cast UK.
    My consultant there was extremely helpful in placing me in my current role; friendly, knowledgeable and not too pushy.
    The communication was regular and informative, there was complete focus on my needs and requirements when searching for my next position. I am really happy in my new role and thank Cast UK for finding something so well suited. If I were ever on the search again, I would seek assistance from Cast UK.

    Carrie Garner

    Supply Planner

  • Cast UK are by far the best Recruitment Consultants I have come in contact with. They were very thorough and always available to speak to if I needed advice. My consultant's guidance motivated me to really believe I could get the role I applied for. I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and genuine enthusiasm to help and support my application. They were always there to guide me through every step of the way.
    I cannot thank them enough and cannot wait to start my new job!

    Barbara Turk

    Senior Supply Chain Planner

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    Six months ago, my consultant at Cast UK helped me to analyse my current career goals and objectives to find me a role which suited my ambition. She was attentive, helpful and patient with the process and the excellent communication I received meant that I was always well informed regarding my recruitment situation.

    I am very grateful for her perseverance and expertise in finding me a role that suited my circumstances. As a result, I have ended up at a company that I really enjoy working for in a job that is interesting and challenging.

    I will not hesitate to approach Cast UK again should my circumstances change.

    Matthew Robinson


  • Once again I would like to thank Cast UK for the support you have provided me with in securing my new role. The commitment you have shown has been excellent, keeping me constantly updated of progress knowing how people feel when waiting to hear back.
    Even now after I have been successful in landing my new job, my consultant has continued to support me, ensuring that my contracts arrive and everything is in place for my start date. I will be highly recommending both my consultant and Cast UK as a business.

    Paul Williams

    Warehouse Manager

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    Cast UK recently helped me gain employment back into a profession I love. He was professional and very helpful from the first engagement and even keeps in contact to see how I am doing. If you are looking for a job in the logistics industry I couldn't recommend anyone better for the job.

    Matt Pye

    Warehouse FLM

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Cast UK for their assistance and professionalism in helping me secure this position. Your co-operation and communication throughout has been 1st class, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and your team.
    I would like to thank you for your on-going support.

    Shaun Parrington

    Operations Manager - Nights

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    Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to my consultant at Cast UK, he has been very formal and has kept me up to date every step of the way; he could not have done anymore to make the process run smoothly. Again, thank you for all your help with everything.

    Gregg Scott

    Senior Transport Planner

  • Cast UK have been extremely helpful in placing me in my current role. My consultant truly got to know me and my current work situation before sending out my CV and getting me an interview.
    She kept in contact with me throughout the whole process and gave much appreciated honest feedback. I felt comfortable calling her with updates on the process or with any questions I had as I knew she wanted to help me out and find the best job suitable for me, which she did! Thank you so much!

    Natasha Townley

    Buying Assistant

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    During the recruitment process my consultant was simply excellent. He was communicative, professional, and honest. Throughout it was consistently clear that he held my aspirations at the centre of everything he did. I would highly recommend Cast UK and would be more than happy to work with them again in the future.​

    Liam Haslewood

    Production Scheduler

  • My consultant at Cast UK has exceptional experience in his field and expertly blends the needs of the client with the needs of the candidate. Even during tough times, my consultant has managed to find solutions to challenging problems.

    David Davenport

    Interim Customer Logistics Manager

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    I found Cast UK and especially my contact there extremely professional and helpful from the outset. The information and help I got was outstanding in my opinion.
    Helpful tips and guidance during the interview process helped put me at ease and really boosted my confidence for which I am grateful.

    Richard Everson

    Warehouse Manager - Nights

  • Cast UK helped me secure my dream buying job in August 2016.
    My consultant provided great support every step of the way and made me feel at ease throughout. She is super friendly and I would definitely recommend Cast UK to anyone looking for a new career opportunity.

    Sarah Liversidge

    Senior Assistant Buyer

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    I would like to thank my consultant at Cast UK for all your help in finding me my new job role.Your one to one service has been fantastic and your background knowledge into the businesses you recruit for was priceless.
    Thanks again and Cast UK for all your help!

    Martyn Percival

    Warehouse Manager

  • I met my consultant from Cast UK at a Manchester University Graduate Recruitment Fair. Initially my expectations were low, as I'd never had a good experience with either recruitment days or recruitment agencies before. I am pleased to say that I was wrong. My consultant and Cast UK helped me to kick start my ideal career within a month and I am now due to start my new job in Transport.
    Thank you Cask UK!

    Jonathan Terry

    Trainee Transport Supervisor

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    I've had the pleasure of working with Cast UK recently, throughout the whole process my consultant has been highly professional, organised, extremely personable and very transparent.
    Having worked in recruitment myself for a number of years both internally and externally I have never come across someone like my consultant at Cast UK, who clearly cares so much about his candidates and clients. Responding to an email I sent late in the evening and getting an instant reply says everything about him, I would highly recommend Cast UK and I look forward to working with them in the near future. My consultant was a real genuine person who is clearly very good at what he does.

    Matthew Dawson

    Director of Operations

  • I’ve just received an offer for an executive role through my consultant at Cast UK.
    It was refreshing to work with a recruiter who is totally honest and absolutely professional in their conduct. My consultants understanding of the client’s needs, the role specification and the matching of candidates to the client is supreme.
    I do strongly recommend to both recruiters and candidates to use the services of Cast UK for their recruitment needs.

    Issy Harash

    Operations Director

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    I would like to say that my experience of working with Cast UK over the past year has been exceptional. From my initial contact up until I was successfully placed, my consultant has consistently supported me with my applications.
    My consultant has always ensured that I was well prepared for interview and provided an approachable but professional service. Thank you!

    Mark Dickinson

    Operations Director

  • I would like to wholeheartedly like to recommend all of the team at Cast UK. They are highly professional, courteous and friendly. The Cast UK team return calls promptly and really take the time to get to know candidates and understand their profiles, experience and background. It is a pleasure to deal with them.

    Steve Apted


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    I thought the service I received from Cast UK was really good. Really reliable and I was kept up-to-date at all times.
    My consultant was never pushy like a lot of recruitment agencies who aren't really bothered whether or not a job is it right for you. I've been put off quite a few jobs due to bad recruitment companies but Cast UK are not the same as most others.
    Again, I am thoroughly happy with the service. Thank you!

    Stephanie Unsworth

    Transport Resource Planner

  • My consultant and the Cast UK team have been amazing!
    I will always highly recommend Cast UK; my consultant as a professional is extremely competent and helped me find the right position and identified my ideal job for me.
    I have always wanted to work for the company in which I have been placed and I really appreciate your assistance in getting me there.

    Sukhpal Walia

    ​Transport Supervisor

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    Cast UK placed me in my current role as a Supply Planner in April 2016. I have been placed by Cast UK before as well as other recruitment agencies but the service provided by Cast UK is better than any other consultancy I have experienced.
    The contact was regular without feeling like I was being harassed and my consultant always acted quickly to reply to any questions I had and actually listened to my concerns and to what I was looking for in a new role.
    I felt fully informed through every step of the process and feel that my consultant did brilliantly to find a job so closely suited to what I wanted.

    Craig Smith

    Supply Planner

  • I was looking for a secure position where I could build a career and really progress and develop in the role. Cast UK found the perfect opportunity for me and I believe that their specialist knowledge and experience in Supply Chain and Purchasing enabled them to find a synergy between the company’s requirements and my specific skill set. My consultant was able to recognise that I was determined, driven and experienced enough to implement the processes that the business was lacking at the time when I joined.
    I have been in the position for 9 years and I am now using Cast UK’s services myself, this time as a client in search of a Buyer to join our team. I chose Cast UK for this assignment because of my experience with them as a candidate.

    Nicola Woods

    Purchasing Manager

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    Cast UK have been a tremendous help in securing a new position for me. My consultant has guided me through every stage of the process, supporting me greatly with his detailed knowledge.
    Cast UK has made the transition to a new employer a much easier and enjoyable process.
    Thank you Cast UK!

    Simon Theobald

    Assistant Distribution Manager

  • Cast UK were professional from start to finish, nothing was too much trouble, they kept me informed all the way through the interview process and answered any questions that I had.
    I would recommend Cast UK, and in my new role I will be using them for any new appointments I need to make.

    Vincent Nash

    Warehouse Night Manager

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  • Cast person placeholder

    My consultant at Cast UK is one of the most professional, polite and welcoming people I've ever come across in the recruitment industry. I have recently had the pleasure of being a Cast UK candidate and found that they did not only what is expected, but definitely surpassed all expectations relating to the support provided throughout the journey with Cast UK.
    I would recommend Cast UK and my consultant there to anyone who expects only the best service.
    Thank you very much for everything!

    Vanessa Murray

    Customer Service Supervisor

  • A really impressive first experience with Cast UK.
    Genuine support and positive encouragement were consistently demonstrated by my consultant throughout the competitive recruitment process which surpassed my expectations and prior experiences with recruiters.
    I would describe my Cast UK experience as a team effort, where I successfully secured a great role and benefited from my consultant's role comprehension. I'm a very happy candidate indeed!

    Sharon Price

    Service Support Manager

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    When I first registered with Cast UK I thought that they would just be another recruitment agency, how wrong was I. I was very impressed with the level of support that I received. They are always very professional and responsive.
    My consultant contacted me on a weekly basis to discuss my current situation. With the help and support that I received from him I have just secured my next senior position and I couldn't have done it without him.
    I would recommend Cast UK to anyone that was looking for help with securing their next role.

    Val Kilburn

    Warehouse Night Shift Manager

  • My consultant regularly contacted me with updates about business that have contract opportunities for me and also notified relevant contacts that I was on the market and looking for work so I felt that Cast UK are always representing me well for future opportunitites.
    The Cast UK team did really well in supporting me to secure my current contract. My consultant called me with a great role that was suited to my experience which I agreed to be put forward for and they had my interview arranged by the end of the same day. My consultant was well able to advise me on the interview for this position based on his knowledge of the role and company culture.
    I’ve been working with Cast UK since 2015 and my requirements for roles have always been listened too and the roles I’ve been placed in have been an excellent fit for me in terms of culture and role responsibilities.

    Dawn Cunningham

    Interim Buyer

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    I recently had the pleasure of working with Cast UK whilst in pursuit of a new role. From first conversation to the last, my consultant has been nothing but professional, courteous, and timely in every regard. I was also impressed by my consultants in-depth knowledge, understanding and clarity of the functions and remit of the specific role I was applying for.
    Over the years I’ve worked with many consultants, and very few can or will do anything more than the minimal required of them in order to be deemed to have done their jobs.
    Hats off to Cast UK for making a mark and standing out from the consultant crowd! It has been a pleasure.

    Ian Mason-Palmer

    Key Account Supply Chain

  • From the outset Case UK showed a lot of interest in me as a person and took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for. The communication and support I received from Cast UK was brilliant, my consultant was always organised and on top of things every time we spoke.
    Using a specialist agency was important to me; knowing that my consultant had experience in the industry himself really helped when understanding the requirements of the role and getting advice on what the job would entail. My consultant was really encouraging throughout the whole process which gave me the confidence that I was right for the job.
    I would definitely recommend Cast UK; I cannot thank them enough for helping me to advance my career.

    Mike Riley

    Category Specialist

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  • Cast person placeholder

    Cast UK have been very helpful towards my career progression. They made sure I was suited for the role unlike other agencies where I felt pushed a role even if it was not suitable for me and the experience that I hold. Any questions and queries I had were answered by my consultant and the answers reassured me.
    I found it more helpful that Cast UK actually specialises in Procurement because that was the only career path I wanted to take and it was perfect for my requirements. With other agencies I have joined in the past I told them I only wanted a career within procurement/buying but I found that they kept offering me other career paths and roles that I wasn’t interested in, and my wants and needs therefore got ignored.
    The qualities I look for in a recruitment partner are for them to listen closely to what sort of job I am looking for. I also want them to give me regular updates on any jobs that are available that meet the criteria I am searching for and any tips for an interview if I get offered one. I feel Cast UK did offer this to me and much more.

    Joanna Hamilton

    Procurement Category Analyst

  • It has been 2 weeks and I'm loving my new job!
    I have been contacted by so many consultants in the past and I must say that Cast UK are very professional but at the same time remain very friendly. My consultant knew what to say when I needed that push which really made the difference to my confidence.
    I think Cast UK is very lucky to have the consultant that I dealt with and I'd like to thank her for the extra miles that she went for me throughout the process. The service that I received from Cast UK highlights the difference between a very good and professional agency and a mediocre one.

    Alessandra Ferraro

    Supply Planner

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  • Cast person placeholder

    I recently gained a four month interim contract role through Cast UK. The service and support that they offered was professional, speedy and ultimately successful in placing me with a company that matched with my experience, skills and aspirations.
    It was a very speedy and efficient process to placement from start to finish and most importantly, I was kept updated throughout this time with any relevant progress.
    I would definitely recommend Cast UK to anyone wishing to secure a short-term or interim role.

    David De Mott

    Interim Operations Manager

  • Cast UK were absolutely fantastic when looking for my new role. My consultant was very efficient with good communication throughout the whole process, making everything seamless and as stress free as possible.
    Thank you very much Cast UK!

    Sarah Atta


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  • Cast person placeholder

    I would highly recommend working with Cast UK, my consultant was professional without losing her fun and friendly personality. Cast UK found me an amazing new role that fit what I was looking for to a tee!! My consultant was communicative and encouraging throughout the recruitment process and if necessary I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Cast UK again (but I’m hoping that won’t be for a very long time). Many thanks Cast UK!

    Samantha Gonzalez

    Demand Planner

  • Cast UK provided me with a dedicated consultant who was a professional representative of the company brand. The focus and guidance that I received from my consultant has helped to accomplish the objective for myself, in achieving a significant appointment. Cast UK have supported and encouraged me through some intense interview preparation, providing me with good feedback and advising considerations throughout the process.
    I have no hesitation in recommending Cast UK to any interested parties, either candidate or client.

    Colin Bradley

    Warehouse Operations Manager

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  • Cast person placeholder

    Overall, I couldn’t fault the service I received from Cast UK, everything was clear & consistent throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, as I felt they understood the business and specialist sector really well. I will definitely use them again and in fact, now that I am Head of Operations I will be calling them the minute I have logistics recruitment requirements as a client.

    Darren Clark

    Head of Operations

  • Cast UK are an excellent recruitment company who I recently worked on an opportunity with. This lasted for 2 months and resulted with me securing the new role I was looking for as a Global Logistics Manager. During this time Cast UK worked with myself and my now new employer to ensure we both achieved the outcome we wanted in the best interests of all parties. I find Cast UK the most proactive recruiters I have worked with, they kept me constantly updated and I felt no need to chase them as is so often the case with recruiters. I would recommend Cast UK to anybody who wants to work with a recruiter you can trust and rely on.

    Peter Warburton

    Global Distribution Manager

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  • Cast person placeholder

    From the start to the end of the process CAST UK kept me updated, fully briefed me on the client’s requirements which led to my successful appointment. I am most appreciative of CAST UK for their time, effort and support throughout the whole process

    Peter Glanville

    General Manager

  • Cast UK have, and continue to provide a professional service (with a welcome personal touch) to me in my role as the Procurement Contracts Manager. I would be very happy to recommend Cast UK to procurement professionals and clients alike in not only the UK market but also internationally.

    Terence Coggan

    UK Contracts Manager

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  • Cast person placeholder

    I would just like to thank you for all that you did regarding the role. Regular updates and conversations are a rare quality these days. My only regret is that the role did not come to fruition for me.
    Once again, many thanks to everyone at Cast UK.

    James Sleeth

    Materials Manager

  • Cast UK have proven to be the most competent recruitment agency I've worked with in over 20 years. They combine an understanding of an employers' requirements with a personal knowledge of your needs and ambitions as a candidate. From the very beginning I received excellent service from Ben and Gary who I initially met at their London office. They were very thorough when examining my experience and my career ambitions. Their approach was personable, yet professional, and very proactive. Their passion for finding me the right role was unrelenting. I am now in a senior position in a large food service business due to Cast UK’s hard work and knowledge of the Logistics Recruitment market.

    Mark Dickinson

    Distribution Centre Manager

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  • Cast person placeholder

    I would thoroughly recommend Cast UK for their professionalism and communication skills. They were instrumental in helping to secure me a role recently, which involved significant logistical organisation and dialog with the client. My consultant was available out of hours when necessary, to discuss the role and client feedback with me and didn’t just provide a brief and leave it at that, but invested time and effort in conveying the role requirements and clarifying them. It is due in no small part to their efforts that I was able to successfully negotiate the interview process and secure the role.
    I would not hesitate to use Cast UK’s services again, should the need arise either as a candidate or for recruitment.

    Graham Winton

    General Manager

  • I would like to say how impressed I am with Cast UK's level of commitment and work ethic within the recruitment business. I really believe the service you offer is first class. They always kept me in mind for any suitable roles and would always keep me updated as to any progress made. In my opinion what sets Cast UK aside from some other recruiters is that if I was unsuccessful in the role I was put forward for, they didn’t disappear off never to be heard from again. They would always keep in regular contact to confirm my situation and act on my behalf, which as a candidate is invaluable when looking for a role.

    Paul Maxwell

    Contract Manager

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  • Cast person placeholder

    Prior to my first engagement through Cast UK, I had been in contact with a number of recruitment agencies who had failed to fully understand what I was looking for in my next career move. I was impressed by their belief that the role was perfect for me and that I had the right skills and experience for the position.
    Prior to my interview, I was given some valuable advice which helped me prepare for the big day and I’m pleased to say that I was offered the position after the 1st round of interviews. I am extremely grateful to them for their help from start to finish and would thoroughly recommend Cast UK to anyone looking for a new opportunity in Procurement

    Lewis Bruce

    Procurement Assistant

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