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When a company is embarking on a major business change or transformation programme, the most important thing is to make sure the right team is in place to ensure everything is planned and managed properly. The head of programmes may lead a small team, an entire business or something in between, depending on the size and structure of the company and the programmes being implemented.

The head of programmes are usually quite specialized, dealing with an area with which they have wide experience and expertise, although in novel industries where such specialized talent is thin on the ground, heads of programmes are often sourced by their understanding of change and transformation and what the best means are of delivering them. The head of programmes is sometimes an executive level role with a seat on the board, but it can also be a senior management role without directorial powers and responsibilities.

The skills required

By their very nature, change and transformation professionals are often at the cutting edge of the technological and methodological advances in their fields, so companies can find it difficult to find heads of programmes who are experienced in exactly their field. This provides great opportunities for candidates who have a proven record of leading successful programmes in similar circumstances to show companies what they are capable of.

It is worth noting that some companies require specific qualifications in their heads of programmes that are dependent upon the sector in which they operate. However, there’s no standard skill set for this role – it’s usually a case of being fully briefed by the company and then analyzing the company in minute detail to find out how the proposed change or transformation programme can be implemented. This is a role that is won at the interview stage as you convince the company that you have the talent and drive to see their project through.

Head of Programmes Jobs in South Humberside

A postal county that was established in 1974, and then abolished in 1996, South Humberside was located in northern England. It became two unitary authorities: North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

Some of the towns that were once part of South Humberside included Brigg, Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Scunthorpe. While the county may be gone in name, these locations are still excellent places for those seeking Head of Programmes roles.

Fishing and shipping have long been important parts of the region's economy. During the 19th century, Grimsby's port imported a variety of products including iron, wheat, hemp, flax and timber.

When the railway arrived here in the late 1840s, it provided a direct link from South Humberside to London, making it easy to get fresh fish and other produce to the capital quickly.

Currently, the Port of Grimsby is the UK's largest in terms of tonnage - its success is due to a combination of factors, including its deep-water location, ease of access to the rest of the country and a relatively equal distance (about 200 miles) from London, Edinburgh and Rotterdam.

Food processing is the region's major industry today, while renewable energy, chemicals and tech are also important.

Just some of the companies that can be found in the region include Centrica, Siemens, Young's Seafood, Findus, Tata Steel, Corus and Ericsson.

Popular locations

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