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As with any business, the managing director is the link between the board and the daily and strategic running of the company. Also known as a chief executive officer, the MD will be in charge of translating business decisions made on the board into actions and policies, through communicating goals to the departmental managers and staff.

The managing director will also be in charge of staffing, health & safety and security, although she or he will have these sectors of the business managed by intermediate managers, especially in larger operations.

In essence, the managing director has huge responsibility for the direction of the company and should expect good remuneration in return – although this job necessarily goes to those with a great CV and superb executive management skills. The MD’s actions will reflect directly on the company’s profitability, and the buck could well stop with the person occupying this post, as the board and shareholders will need to see results but will be relying on the managing director to deliver them.

The skills required

As a manager of managers as well as staff, and a close link with the board of directors on a regular basis, the managing director will need top class communication skills. They will often be working out how best to convert a board’s business aim into action, and if the company is large this will mean that there can be no misunderstandings in these aims.

Although managing director as a hands-on job, and excellent executive skills will be required, a well tuned sense of when to be hands-off will stand the MD in good stead. Micromanagement will only be required when problems arise that cannot be solved by the staff on the floor, but indulging in constant tinkering is inefficient and can lead to low morale. Therefore the MD needs to surround himself or herself with trusted, well trained and well drilled staff in whom he or she can be confident.

Managing Director Jobs in Warrington

Halfway between Liverpool and Manchester lies Warrington, a large town with an industrial and commercial pedigree to match some of the UK’s smaller cities. It followed the traditional Northern path of booming during the Industrial Revolution, specialising in steel, textiles and chemical industries, as well as some brewing for good measure, much of which remains to this day.

The town is extremely well connected, with three major motorways, the M62, the M6 and the M56 passing its north, east and south respectively and A roads radiating out in all directions, typical of the market town it once was. The River Mersey passes through it, as do the Manchester Ship Canal and Bridgewater Canal and two major railway lines. With its population of over 200,000 people and a shopping area to rival any city, it’s a bustling and attractive town to live in.

Around the town’s edges are hundreds of large and small businesses, including a large Unilever detergent factory in the east. There are lots of warehouses and logistics companies in the area, too, that take advantage of its excellent communications and skilled workforce. There are few places like Warrington when it comes to finding a Managing Director work, and there’s always a demand for such positions. Please get in touch if you’re looking for work in this area.

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