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Executive Search

Executive Search services

We specialise in sourcing senior talent and recognise that a high proportion of executives don’t actively seek new roles but are approached by recruiters who have an innate understanding of how to engage with top-flight talent.

  • We respond to our clients’ briefs by drawing on our unparalleled access to the specialist talent pool in logistics, supply chain, procurement and buying.
  • It takes a certain kind of person to excel in executive search, which is why our team is well-versed in the etiquette of the approach and the discretion that is so critical in all communication.
  • Techniques to recruit passive talent are integral to executive search as it’s no surprise that exceptionally skilled people are usually already in a role and are most definitely in demand.

  • Our team members have an inherent understanding of the exceptional skillset required, which is underpinned by a proven track record.
  • We have a trusted network of passive candidates to approach, who value the relationship they have with Cast UK.
  • With a shrinking talent pool in particular industries, accessing senior executives is a highly specialist area of recruitment and is readily called upon by employers who recognise that sustained high performance is dependent on bringing the best talent to the table.

How Cast UK can help

We live and breathe the areas in which we specialise and good isn’t good enough when it comes to sourcing the best. 

  • The team at Cast UK is constantly horizon-scanning to identify skills gaps and changing strategies and has the right contacts, experience and ‘ahead of the curve’ technology at our fingertips.
  • When it comes to performance we not only meet, but surpass, expectations.

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