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Think finding the right talent is complicated?

That's why we’ve made our products simple.

Life’s too short to spend your time deciphering recruitment packages.

What can you do instead? Choose a product set that empowers you to discover talent in a simpler way, and budget more effectively.

Do you want…?

To choose how much you pay?

A longer free replacement period? Or none at all?

To spread your payments? Or pay in a lump sum?

No problem.

Do you need CAST+ advanced features?

+BroadCAST solo video interviewing

Set questions for candidates to answer and record at any time, and play back their interview at your convenience. Perfect for busy businesses.

+BroadCAST face-to-face video interviewing

Our consultants undertake all first stage interviews for you, providing a shortlist of high-calibre candidates complete with all their information in a single location. You can then interview them anytime, anywhere – with up to 10 stakeholders from your company. It’s that quick and that easy.

+Psychometric and personality testing

Assess a candidate’s logical, numerical and verbal ability, and identify 23 personality traits, along with 1500 skill-based tests across all languages and levels, the assessment choice is endless.

+Employer branded advertising

Promote your business and vacancy with branded social media posts and animated video content, as well as a targeted email campaign to reach your specific talent pool.

+Internal candidates included in your process

Ensure the recruitment experience - from interview to shortlist - is as impartial and unbiased as it is for external candidates.

No problem. Just choose the ones you want

With Cast UK, securing the right talent is as simple as you need it to be.

Because value is more than just a number.

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