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Outsourcing recruitment to get the right talent.

Know that your business will soon face gaps in its skills or operations, but aren't sure exactly when you'll need the talent to fill them? Nothing can make hiring feel more complicated. But with CASTTalent, it's simple. You get the right talent, precisely when you need it.

CASTTalent makes it easy to hire the right talent, at the right time.


5 signs you need CASTTalent right now:

  1. Your team isn't currently able to concentrate on their core roles.
  2. Your business growth is being hindered by poor talent acquisition.
  3. You don't want to deal with the complexity around the recruitment process.
  4. You're concerned about hiring-related risks and compliance issues.
  5. You're overwhelmed by multiple recruiters competing for your time and attention.

Introducing CASTTalent: Our solution to the skills gap

With CASTTalent, you can fill any skill or operational gaps when you need to, as well as have greater security when it comes to your hiring.

How? By setting a total salary value 'pot' that takes into account all the potential roles you wish to recruit for, you secure a bundle of hires over an agreed time frame. Our fee is simply a percentage of that pot, which decreases as the salary value increases, with payments spread over a number of months if required.

The result is complete peace of mind that you've got your future talent demands covered, and can access a specialist recruitment consultant as soon as you're ready to hire.

Through our RPO recruitment solution, you can choose:

  • The total salary pot (and therefore the fee percentage you pay)
  • The time in which to recruit all roles
  • To spread your payments, or pay in a lump sum
  • An 8-week free replacement period, or more if agreed

Would you like...

  • Peace of mind over your hiring?
  • A recruiter on hand to find the best talent fast?
  • Control over recruitment fees and payments?
  • A variety of extra features, all included in the cost?
  • All recruitment issues taken off your hands?

That’s what CASTTalent is here for.

Outsourcing recruitment is simple with us. We'll sort the A to Z of hiring for you, so you can focus on your core business and subsequent growth.


CASTTalent extra features

Our recruitment solution provides you with a variety of options – simply choose the ones you want.

Set questions for candidates to answer and record at any time, and play back their interview at your convenience. This feature is perfect for busy businesses.
Our consultants undertake all first stage interviews for you, providing a shortlist of the highest-calibre candidates complete with all their information in a single location. You can then interview them anytime, anywhere - with up to 10 stakeholders from your company. It's that quick and that easy.
Assess a candidate's logical, numerical and verbal ability, and identify 23 personality traits. Together with 1,500 skill-based tests across all languages and levels, the assessment choice is endless.
Promote your business and vacancy with branded social media posts and animated video content across a number of channels. We'll also create a targeted email campaign to reach your specific talent pool.
Ensure your internal candidates' experience - from interview to shortlist - is as impartial and unbiased as it is for external candidates. We'll take them through the exact same process, so that everyone is on a level playing field.

With CASTTalent, you'll find the best professionals to fill any emerging skill or operational gaps without issue.

Whether you're anticipating niche-level roles, an entire site or project, or multiple role levels, we can support your organisation.

Need peace of mind over your talent needs?

Secure the skills you require with the help of Cast UK, the talent acquisition specialists.

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