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Running a procurement operation for a large company is not a simple task, and it is certainly not something that can be left to uncoordinated individuals to perform. No matter how talented and hard-working they are, there will inevitably be gaps and overlaps in their purchasing efforts, and this will all add up to inefficiencies in the system.

The purchasing coordinator will work alongside the purchasing manager and head office to make sure plans are implemented in a methodical and efficient manner, thus maximising the effect of the procurement department. He or she will be involved with planning when to approach companies with procurement propositions and when to embark on negotiations of rates with potential and existing suppliers.

With all the procurement figures at his or her disposal, the purchasing coordinator will have some responsibility for analysing performance and identifying areas where savings can be made, although in many cases the calculations will be carried out by specialist analysts and/or software. Once the statistics have been absorbed and interpreted, it will be up to the purchasing coordinator to steer the procurement department in the correct direction to improve performance and help boost company profits.

The skills required

The purchasing coordinator is a role of many strands, with a host of skills coming into play. There are the people management skills – relaying the plans made with the management to the team so that everyone knows their role perfectly. There are also very important analysis responsibilities in this role, too. Although the actual analysis might not be performed by the coordinator in person, it is vital that they fully understand the results, conclusions and recommendations when they are planning their coordination actions.

Ideally, the purchasing coordinator will have a background in procurement at some level, but managerial experience with some executive responsibilities would be valued as experience.

Purchasing Coordinator Jobs in Cornwall

Located in the south-west of England, Cornwall is mainly surrounded by water, although it shares a border with Devon to the east. The region is recognised as a Celtic nation, home to the Cornish people, and many residents in the area believe that it should be allowed to split from England to become the fifth home nation of the UK.

Fishing and agriculture have long been part of the Cornish economy and from the Middle Ages, the mining of tin became one of the most important industries in the region. This continued to grow and in the early 19th century, copper mining also brought wealth to the area.

Within 50 years, however, metal mining started to decline and was replaced by the production of china clay. By the end of the 1990s, mining was almost completely gone from Cornwall.

These days, the Cornish economy mainly relies on agriculture and tourism and those seeking Purchasing Coordinator opportunities will have various options to consider.

Food manufacturing companies like Ginsters, the West Cornwall Pasty Company and Dairy Crest are large employers in the region, while brewing is also a large industry, with Sharp's, Skinners and St Austell being just three of Cornwall's many beer companies.

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