Kirk Evans

Mar 29, 2022

2022 Supply Chain Recruitment: Trends In Skills, Experience And What Candidates Want


There’s been intense pressure on the supply chain over the last couple of years. Unremitting disruption has caused incessant bottlenecks, and the challenges around supply chain recruitment only amplify this.

As a result, it’s valuable to know the hiring trends and in-demand skills right now, and to understand what candidates actually want from their employer. Join us as we explore just that.


In-demand skills and experience

Brexit and the pandemic opened people’s eyes to the fragilities of certain sectors and organisations. Consequently, it’s critical that candidates are highly agile – with the ability to manage even unexpected crises – and flexible as required.

Many businesses have rationalised their product lines, revamped their operations, and changed suppliers, which means that talent in the specialism must be able to pivot successfully. What’s more, it’s crucial that they can demonstrate experience of this, specifically how they accomplished process improvements and efficiencies.

Data has risen in prominence over the last year, so any talent working in the supply chain needs to have strong business analysis and reporting skills. Coupled with this is a requirement for expertise in power BI tools. Experience in sales and operation planning (S&OP), and integrated business planning (IBP) also proved key.

Finally, imports and exports have become a vital part of post-Brexit business. As a result, skills relating to this are now essential. These include a high level of attention to detail, strong resourcefulness, excellent problem solving, effective negotiation, and supplier relationship management capabilities.



Our Salary & Benefits Guide 2022 revealed some interesting insights into the satisfaction of supply chain candidates, as well as what they want from their employer. It’s key to note that core to their happiness at work is the location itself, specifically having the right safety measures in place, and the opportunity for hybrid working.

The latter allows for a better work-life balance, which is one of the most appealing factors candidates look for in a new opportunity. A good salary and a challenging or purposeful role are as attractive as ever, and are areas that supply chain employers need to work on. As are things like career progression and performance recognition, which were some of the least satisfactory elements of a candidate’s job.

Supply chain  benefits packages weren’t as highly regarded, though they weren’t listed as a reason to seek out a new role. Perhaps these are simply less important to candidates, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want them at all. In terms of the benefits they find most enticing, these are annual leave, a bonus scheme, and a pension plan. Improving such offerings will make a company more desirable to potential applicants.


Discover more supply chain recruitment trends

Cast UK’s Salary & Benefits Guide 2022 explores further trends in supply chain recruitment and four other specialisms. It also covers the impact of hybrid working, the post-Brexit squeeze on talent, and the need for a learning mindset when it comes to digital. Plus, you’ll find advice on how to recruit in a peak candidate climate, and the importance of a holistic EVP

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