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Feb 02, 2022

How You Can Avoid Job Search Burnout In A Vacancy-Rich Marketplace

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You’ll no doubt have heard of the ‘Great Resignation’. This, combined with the economy being on the post-pandemic road to recovery, has led to ample vacancies on the market. Candidates have never had so much choice in their job search – in fact, it’s almost too much choice.

With so many potential employers interested in your capabilities, several processes might happen at once. Not only could this limit your chance of securing the job you really want, it can also cause burnout.

To help you avoid this, we’re sharing some valuable tips for approaching your job search effectively.

Choose roles that appeal to you

First, sort through your potential opportunities and make sure the role in question is right for you. Perhaps the salary isn’t quite what you want, or maybe some of the responsibilities wouldn’t challenge you enough.

Remember, it’s a candidate-driven market, so the power is in your hands. Go with your gut feeling, and if a job doesn’t appeal from the off, don’t apply. A good way to decipher this is to look at the vacancy ad that resonates with you the most, then only consider roles that are in the same league.

Research the company

Perhaps the role is one of the best, but that doesn’t mean the company is. Job ads tend to give you the basics of the employer’s value proposition, like details on holiday allowance, bonuses or team activity days. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry out your own research.

Look at their website and social media channels, as these can tell you a lot about an organisation’s culture, vision, mission and values. Try employer review sites like Glassdoor too, where you’ll find honest employee feedback about whether they would recommend the company to a friend, plus any pros and cons. Then, you can ensure you don’t waste your efforts on an employer or job that isn’t a good fit.

Schedule in job search time

Key to avoiding job search burnout is to plan your time. If you constantly focus all your attention on something, it can cause stress and make you feel overwhelmed. Recharging your batteries is crucial. Always take breaks from your job hunting and do something that’s enjoyable or relaxing. That could be a hobby like running or reading, or winding down with a bit of family time.

Organise your calendar to fit in your job quest and your breaks, then make sure you focus on the task at hand. A good idea is to turn off any non-crucial notifications that might distract you during your chosen activity.

Seek help from recruitment experts

Another way to avoid burnout is to get support from those well-versed in helping candidates find their dream role. At Cast UK, we work closely with you to figure out what you want from your career, so we can match you with your next career move. Plus, we offer guidance on the likes of offer negotiation and general career development too.

Register as a candidate with Cast UK  and put your career move into motion.

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