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Oct 26, 2020

CASTmates: Rowan Kimmins


So, you've always wondered who the best dancer, loudest on the phone and worst dressed are at Cast UK. But how will you ever find out? Welcome to CASTmates! In this episode of CASTmates we sat down with Team Leader Rowan Kimmins to ask him about his Cast UK colleagues.

Who is the loudest on the phone?

RK: Loudest on the phone has definitely got to be Tom. I feel sorry for the people on the other end of the phone with him! He always sounds like this *Rowan does an extremely good impression of Tom on the phone*. Loves a shout!

Who has the best and worst dance moves?

RK: I’d say best is Kirk. There was a good time, when we went out for Christmas, he comprehensively beat someone who was giving it big all night in a dance off which was good. Worst dance moves I’d have to say Anthony. Two reasons really, the first reason we were in a club in town and he had his top off running around topless which was quite scary. The second reason, he was fully clothed this time in a club, he was running around with a girls bike helmet and the light was flashing in everyones face. So I’d have to see he’s the worst one.

Who is the latest in the office at night?

RK: Latest in the office, I’d say Aimee. She is an absolute grafter and, obviously, one of the best people here so it’s definitely worthwhile. Yeah, I’d say Miss Gleave.

Who is the worst dressed?

RK: I don’t think I’ll be very popular with him but I’d have to say Wayne. The reason being is we went to a lunch club once in town, in the middle of Summer and he wore this bright blue blazer, this shirt that had changing sequins on it, black jeans and then the brightest blue, I don’t even know what they are, slippers? They looked like shoes that Aladdin would wear. So I have to say Wayne.

Who is the teachers pet?

RK: Again, he won’t like me for saying this but I’d have to say Warren. Me and Anthony always have a bit of a joke saying that he always wants QFT, which means ‘Quality Face Time’ with Gary. Every time I turn around he’s sat on Gary’s knee giving him a kiss and a cuddle. So, yeah I’d have to say Gary for that. 

Rowan has told you about his Cast UK colleagues, but what about him? Rowan is part of our brilliant Logistics team focusing specifically on logistics, warehousing and transport across all of our sectors in the North West. Rowan isn't just a highly skilled recruiter, having been a professional footballer for Bury F.C before joining Cast UK, he's also pretty competent with a ball at his feet.

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