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As recruitment consultants working with hundreds of job seekers everyday, we are always surprised by how many candidates don’t make the most of what their recruitment consultant has to offer.

Our consultants are always consultative in their role. We want to be challenged and we take an immense amount of satisfaction in finding someone their ideal job or finding a client their next rising star.

To get the best out of your recruitment consultant we recommend following these simple steps; 


Communication should be a two way thing

Don’t shy away from regular contact with your consultant to ascertain what they are doing for you in your job search. Agree a mutually suitable time and method of communication to avoid any frustration from either party.


Take advantage of their expertise

Your consultant is an expert in the recruitment process and can provide helpful advice at every stage.

From writing your CV, optimising your social profiles, tailoring your cover letter, marketing yourself in the job market, interview tips, providing insight into the companies you interview with, all the way through to managing and accepting your job offer.


Carefully consider what vacancies you apply for

If you’re unsure if you fit a position’s criteria then speak to the consultant for advice before submitting your CV. A scattergun approach will not work in your favour and may even work against you.


Help them help you

Be clear from the outset why you’re looking and exactly what you want from your new role. Talking to your consultant about this will allow them to get to know you, what you’re looking for from your next career move and what type of cultures you’ll fit in to. Your consultant needs to believe in you to really ‘sell’ you.

Emphasise your achievements and measurable results you’ve produced. Even send them a list of companies that you’d like to work for and your reasons why.


Set realistic expectations

Be logical about what the next step in your career looks like. Set yourself realistic and achievable targets for your next job & salary and seek advice from your consultant on what the industry norms are for your position if you’re unsure.


Be honest

During any process be up front with your consultant when discussing your feedback. Address any concerns immediately and after each stage of the process rather than at offer stage.

It’s often too late to ask critical questions at offer stage & if you do the employer may wonder why you haven’t asked them earlier, leading to doubts about your commitment.


Get a second opinion

Use your consultant to proof read any presentations that you need to do as part of the recruitment process. It is likely that they have already met the employer and hiring manager, so be sure to get as much information as possible on their preferences.


Meet them

If possible, take the time to meet your consultant. The chances of your consultant finding you your next role will increase significantly if they have a clear understanding of your personality & who you are. Often “culture fit” is just as important as skills & experience.

A face-to-face meeting immediately makes you more memorable to your consultant and your consultant will automatically think of you when they hear about relevant opportunities.


We’re here to help

Whether you are a client or a candidate, getting to know you helps us to understand and anticipate your needs. Why not get in touch and see just what we can do for you today?

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