Wayne Brophy

Nov 26, 2020

How To Get Through The Pandemic? Strengthen Your Leadership Team


There’s been a lot of guidance on navigating the pandemic, and having the right people in place has been core to this. Something we’ve seen as recruiters is that many businesses are choosing to strengthen their leadership team, rather than delay hiring for these roles – even with the economic situation still so uncertain. It's clear that these strategic C-suite and senior hires are incredibly important to getting through the current crisis. So, what is it about them that makes them so key to survival? We explore more in this blog, along with how to ensure you recruit the right leaders...

The demand for confidence

A sufficient leadership team guarantees that there’s someone to go to when things go wrong. They have a keen sense of the business’ beliefs, aims and objectives, and directing its decisions and actions comes second nature to them. In the event of something like the pandemic, they refer to their survival strategies, and have the necessary expertise and capabilities to drive them. When recruitment for the likes of strategic C-suite and senior roles is paused, it puts the entire business at risk. Without the necessary leaders, the company may not be able to adapt and compete - two things that are so crucial in a crisis with numerous unknowns.

The importance of agility

Strategic hires are central to this ability to adapt and be agile. They need to be able to pivot the organisation in response to things like market demand, customer expectations and innovations in their sector. And they can apply this same skill to survive and even thrive during the pandemic. The teams that work underneath leadership need to be just as agile. If you don't have these strategic positions primed, then their agility can't trickle down throughout the organisation, and then be encouraged and measured. A business is absolutely dependent on a robust leadership team.

The need for agile recruitment

With so much resting on them, your senior and C-suite hires need to be right the first time around. This is exactly why Cast UK have recently introduced a dedicated solution for recruiting this talent: CASTExec. We'll take the time and pressure of filling these vacancies off your hands. We specialise executive- and management-level roles – from those related to business change and transformation to logistics and transport. Every single one of our consultants has considerable experience in each of these markets, so you’ll be certain that they can source the agile talent you need to get through this pandemic and take your business forward. What's more, our solution can adapt to your needs too. You'll be able to choose how much you pay (and how), as well as your replacement period options. Video interviewing, psychometric testing and employer branded advertising also come as standard with CASTExec. CASTExec Find out more So whether you're dealing with Pandemic Peak or putting people in place to combat the challenges ahead, turn to us to strengthen the leadership team at your business. Contact us on 0333 121 3345 or hello@castuk.com today.

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