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Oct 01, 2019

How to Select the Best Video Interviewing Software for You


So you’ve decided you want to use video to help improve your hiring hit rate, but software review site G2 shows 79 results and most are above 4.5/5. Here are 15 features you should consider when determining the best video interviewing software for your organisation.  We’ve been through the video interview software selection process ourselves a few years back and it was tough. But since then, technology has made huge leaps forward and the choices seem endless. So we’ve broken down the key features to consider for every area - from candidate selection to the candidate experience employer branding/attraction, followed by technical & support.  Read on for a quick-fire glimpse into the most powerful features for each, followed by why they’re so useful - and how to determine if you really need them. At-a-glance: powerful features of the best video interviewing software

Candidate Selection Features Candidate Experience Features Employer Branding/ Attraction Features Technical & Support Features
Solo and two-way interviews Low downtime levels Employer video intros Integration with ATS 
Review and collaborate on candidates in one place Multi-device Outbound video creation  Website video embedding 
Candidate shortlists No Downloads or Sign Up Customised branding Live technical support
AI & Assessments Retake options   Training Connection quality tests/alert

Candidate Selection

If you want video interviewing to take off and not have to drag line managers kicking and screaming to the platform, then you’ll want the candidate selection process to be as pain-free as possible.

  • Solo and two-way interviews

Be aware, that solo interviews may save a lot of time, but in our experience, they are best suited to high volume, low-skilled jobs - or ones where you need to accommodate candidate needs e.g. where they have awkward shift patterns.

If you don’t want to compromise on time savings or more in-depth screening, consider whether using a recruitment consultant can give you the best of both: two-way interview screening without the time resources required from your side.

Are you considering using video interviewing in your recruitment process? Not sure when you should use it or what features you really need? Watch our WEBINAR REPLAY: Video Interviewing: When and How to use it to hire better

  • Review and comment on candidates in one place

The best video interviewing software provides all you need to know about a candidate in one place - from their CVs, to test results and video interviews - so that all hiring managers can review them at a convenient time

  • Candidate shortlists & tagging

You can draw-up shortlists within some platforms, whereas others even offer tagging features - so if you want to tag for ‘inexperienced but great potential’, go ahead!

  • Maximum time limits timings for solo interviews

Be wary of this - in theory, a maximum time limit is great but it can cause candidates to panic. We recommend setting recommended time limits.

  • AI & Assessments

Consider what further insight you need to help make the decision easier. Some software offers A.I. capabilities that analyses facial expressions and even word choice. But you’re likely to pay for this - and do you want to remove the human touch? Assessments also form a key part of the recruitment process in some roles - what is offered by your provider or recruiter and can you review everything all in one pla

Candidate Experience

If you don’t want connection issues killing the candidate experience or top talent feeling too flustered with the process, here are some features to consider:

  • Downtime rates

Check with the provider - what’s their downtime like? We purposefully chose one with zero downtime as we couldn’t afford the reputational risk.

  • Multi-device

The whole point of video interviewing is to make it an easier, more convenient and more efficient process for employers and candidates, without location or time restrictions.

  • No Downloads or Sign Ups

Make it a quick and easy process for you and your candidates, removing any barriers. (It also makes it quicker for your line managers - win-win!)

  • Retake options

IF you decide on solo interviews, you can minimise the risk of candidates feeling flustered by providing retake options (and some allow you to limit these).

  • Employer Branding/Attraction

Video interviewing should help you sell your company throughout the recruitment process - and it should also help you attract them in the first place. Consider what features you need.

  • Employer video introductions

If you’re conducting one-way interviews, video introductions can help you ‘sell’ the role to the candidates.

  • Outbound video

We live and breathe video and use it to sell in both roles and candidates alike because, quite simply, it works so well. We even use it successfully for follow-ups. So if you wish to attract and approach top talent, outbound video capabilities with easy LinkedIn and email integration are a must.

  • Customised branding

Video interviewing should help improve your employer brand, so you should look for software that offers customised logo and employer branding.

  • Technical Support & Training

Even with the best uptime and connectivity, things can go wrong. Also, bear in mind that not everyone is au fait with shooting videos to friends and family, never mind coming across well on camera to candidates.

  • Training

Some training will obviously be needed but how much you need depends on your company. Do you need on-site training, e-learning, or simple guides? Does the provider provide you with hints and tips on best video interviewing practice?

(This isn’t an issue if your recruitment consultant is undertaking the interviews for you.)

  • Integration with ATS

We wouldn’t be without our ATS integration, which ties the whole recruitment process for that candidate together into one place.

  • Website quick-clicks

We personally love having a button on our website where candidates can speak to us via video in just one click. However, if your careers page is still a ‘work in progress’, it’s certainly not a dealbreaker.

  • Connection quality tests/alerts

These checks help prevent and detect quality issues, offering reassurance to employers and candidates.

  • Live technical support

This is a must - for you and candidates. Ask how this will be delivered e.g. live chat/telephone and consider what operating times you require.  

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