Simon Garner

Jun 27, 2022

Knowing Your Worth: The 3 Steps To Take After A Job Offer


So you’ve got that job offer… now you have to decide whether or not to accept. It may seem perfect, but does the proposition definitely reflect your worth, or is there room for negotiation? Before you make the call, think: are you 100% certain you want to go ahead with it?

If you’re unsure, read on to discover the next steps you should take.

Know your worth

In the current market, candidates hold all the power, which means you can demand more money. Do your research and see if the salary you’re being offered is in line with the sector average. It’s a good idea to evaluate benefits and other factors too – you might have more holidays for example, or access to better training, development and networking in your new company.

Our Salary & Benefits Guide 2022 provides you with the information you need to figure out your worth before accepting or declining a job.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

If you feel their offer is on the low side of what you were expecting, there’s no harm in going back to them and asking for the reasoning behind it, with a view to negotiating. You don’t necessarily have to have one from your present employer to do this. Simply thank them for their offer and state how much you’d love the role, then explain what your experiences, skills and knowledge will bring to their organisation, especially in the present market.

Working with a specialist recruiter can come in handy here. They have a real awareness of each business and client they collaborate with, as well as the type of roles that suit your skill set. This means they can match you with an organisation that meets your needs, as well as the company’s. They can also negotiate on your behalf if you prefer, using their specialist expertise to your advantage.

Be certain this is the company for you

It goes without saying that you should be certain you want to work for the company before you accept. Sure, they might present the right package, but did you spot any red flags during the recruitment process? Often job offers are made by phone. Whilst it can feel awkward to request time to think about it, it’s best to say something such as “I’m thrilled to have this job opportunity, when would you like a response?”. If they ask for it immediately, that’s a red flag. It’s completely reasonable to request time to consider and consult with your family – after all, any new commitment may affect them too.

Although it’s a fast-moving recruitment market, and businesses are working at top speed, you shouldn’t be forced into giving an immediate answer. Your potential employer should allow you the time to think it over. But don’t take too long, or they may withdraw.

Advance your career with Cast UK

Hopefully this article has given you some guidance on what to do when you receive  a job offer. If you ever need support with finding a new position, navigating offer negotiations, or deciding your next career move, turn to Cast UK.

Together, we can help you take that next step. Register, search and set up job alerts here.

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