Wayne Brophy

Feb 19, 2020

Is the traditional CV a thing of the past? Is your LinkedIn Profile the future?


With social media at everyone’s fingertips, it is becoming more and more common for candidates and job hunters to ask if they really need a traditional CV when they already have a LinkedIn profile. In the middle of the 4th industrial revolution where digital transformation is accelerating rapidly, surely digital content has the upper hand over the traditional CV? Well, although a Career Builder survey reported recently that 70% of employers look at a candidate’s social media presence (especially your LinkedIn profile) as part of their recruiting process, this doesn’t mean you don’t need a CV… The fact is that a recruiter or hiring employer will always need to review a CV first before agreeing to a telephone or face-to-face interview. So, before you embark on your next job search you need to review & update your existing CV and use this as the key to unlocking any potential career opportunities out there.

What are the benefits of a traditional CV?

  1. Keyword detection: Larger companies use keyword detection software to help sort through the initial influx of applications for each role advertised. Most keyword detection software requires a word-based traditional CV to be uploaded to apply for a position.
  2. A CV can be customised to suit the role applied for: Not all jobs, even those with identical job titles require the same skills & experience, especially if you are someone with a lot of experience who wants to demonstrate transferable skills. LinkedIn on the other hand only offers you the chance to create a single general overview of your skills & attributes.
  3. A CV bridges the tech divide between generations: Remember not everyone’s first call is social media, even if yours is…

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What are the benefits of a LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn makes a good side dish to your main of traditional CV, filling in gaps & providing additional information, to provide a truer representation of your professional self.

  1. A traditional CV can’t compete with the interactivity of a LinkedIn profile: Want to post a presentation deck showing examples of your work or projects? Want to include helpful snippets of video? Want to link to your current company to find out what it is they do? No problem, LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity to flesh out the details on your CV.
  2. Performance-based hiring is on the rise: While a traditional CV is great at showing what you have done, it isn't great at showing your potential. Social platforms like LinkedIn give you the chance to show your ideas & skills and, most importantly give prospective employers an idea of what you could do.
  3. Recommendations: LinkedIn is great for allowing previous bosses and co-workers to leave recommendations to supplement the references on your CV.

The upshot is that both the traditional CV & a LinkedIn Profile offer different advantages to active job seekers and you should make sure to optimise both.

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