Matthew Owen

Oct 07, 2021

What Do You Need To Become An Agile Leader? Personality


Every business is looking for high-performing, agile leaders. But, for candidates, this isn’t an easy thing to demonstrate – especially when the job specification doesn’t specifically ask for it. In our webinar ‘What now? Building high performing leadership teams’, we discovered that personality is key. So, let us explain how you can become an agile leader by making yours stand out.

Personality vs expertise 

Ultrafast grocery delivery pioneer, Getir, doesn’t ever demand experience or qualifications unless it’s absolutely necessary (such as for legal roles). Although these things are a nice to have, they’d rather hear from candidates who thrive in controlled chaos. Co-Founder Mert Salur doesn’t see why they should limit the type of person who applies – instead, why not give people who enjoy flexibility the chance to shine? Likewise, Pete Lowe, Leadership Consultant and Author of ‘The Language of Winning’, hired a great leader, not for their experience or know-how, but for their unbelievable ability to influence others. While Simon Perks, Managing Director of consultancy start-up Squarcle, said he hires on personality aspects like attitude rather than skills, because these are the people who’ll do anything for you.

Moving past the job ad

Many job ads today still talk about experience in specific terms and function, or knowledge of certain areas, processes, or systems. But these don’t show agility. Being able to respond swiftly is all about helping a company pivot – so you’ll want to illustrate these capabilities in your application. Part of this rests on employers. Their job ads need to ask for these abilities, rather than demanding specific experience, expertise, and qualifications. But you can play your role too, by demonstrating the aspects of your personality that make you an agile applicant.

Navigating the current market

At the moment, businesses are struggling to find candidates not only because they’re in short supply, but also because they’re putting people in boxes, rather than being open minded. That’s why you need to stand out and show them what they’re missing. Be confident in your abilities, and your personality. Demonstrate all the ways you’ve been agile in the past. Such confidence can require a bit of an ego – which was another talking point amongst our panel. But having an ego doesn’t mean being brash, outgoing, arrogant, or noisy. It means being able to challenge things and believing you can reach your dreams. You don’t have to be extroverted either. Great and agile leaders can also be quiet, and inspire people without bawling and shouting.

Applying through Cast UK

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