Kirk Evans

Jan 16, 2023

What is a Personal Value Proposition & how to create one


In today's competitive job market, it's more important than ever for job hunters to stand out from the crowd. A Personal Value Proposition (PVP) can be a powerful tool helping professionals to effectively communicate their unique selling points and set themselves apart from the competition.

What is a PVP?

A personal value proposition (PVP) is a statement that defines the unique value that you can bring to an organisation or individual. It's essentially a summary of your skills, experiences, and achievements, and how they can benefit an employer or client. It can be used in various scenarios such as a CV, a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile, an online portfolio, a job application, etc.

Having a PVP can make a huge difference in the job hunt process. It helps job hunters to effectively communicate their unique selling points and sets them apart from other candidates by highlighting what they bring to the table that is unique and valuable. A strong PVP can help job hunters to:

Clearly communicate their strengths and areas of expertise: A PVP can help job hunters clearly communicate the specific skills and experiences that they bring to the table. This can help them to position themselves as the ideal candidate for a particular role or project.

Address the needs of the employer: A PVP can help job hunters to understand the specific challenges and pain points that an employer may be facing, and how their skills can help to address them. This can make it easier for job hunters to tailor their applications to the specific needs of the employer.

Differentiate themselves from the competition: A PVP can help job hunters to stand out from the crowd by highlighting what sets them apart from other candidates. This can make it easier for them to grab the attention of potential employers and get their foot in the door.

Build their personal brand: A PVP can help job hunters to build a strong personal brand that reflects their unique selling points. This can help them to become more visible in the job market and increase their chances of landing a job.

Having a personal value proposition can be incredibly valuable for those looking for their next career move. It can help them to effectively communicate their unique selling points, address the needs of potential employers as well as differentiate themselves from the competition. A strong PVP can be the key to success in today's competitive job market. Professionals should take the time to craft a compelling PVP that clearly communicates their strengths and demonstrates how they can add value to an organisation to maximize its impact.

How do you create your own PVP?

When crafting a personal value proposition, it's important to think about the unique value that you bring to potential employer.

A personal value proposition should be clear, concise and compelling, and it should demonstrate why you are the best candidate for a job or project. It should answer questions such as "What do you bring to the table?" and "Why should someone hire you or work with you?".

To create your own PVP, try following these simple steps;

  • Consider what you are offering:

To create a strong personal value proposition, you should start by identifying your key strengths and areas of expertise.

  • Think about who you are targeting – what types of organizations will need your services? / Where do you want to work?  
  • Next, think about what challenges these organisations are facing. Research the company and their business needs. How would hiring you make them achieve their goals?
  • Understand the specific ways in which your strengths and expertise can benefit an employer or client, namely;
  • What makes you great?
  • What pain points can you solve?
  • What sets you apart from others in your field?
  • What unique experiences or achievements do you have that differentiate you from the competition?

By focusing on the value you can offer to others, you can create a personal value proposition that clearly communicates your unique selling points and demonstrates why you are the best candidate for a job or project.

Use the answers to these questions to create your PVP or elevator pitch – a short paragraph outlining who you are why you’re great, that is unique to you.

When should I use my PVP?

Your Personal Value Proposition can be written as a brief two or three sentence long statement, or in a longer format with more detail on your skills & expertise. Your PVP statement can then be used on your CV, used in an interview to explain why you’re their ideal candidate or featured as a statement in a cover letter. You should also look to include on your LinkedIn profile so that people in your network clearly understand the value you can bring.

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