Wayne Brophy

Jan 06, 2021

Why You Need To Adopt An RPO Recruitment Model


A Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) model allows you to outsource all or part of your recruitment to an external provider. Essentially, they become an extension of your business' HR or hiring department. They're growing in popularity, but is RPO recruitment the right way forward for your organisation? Here, we explore the advantages of this model, along with the reasons to consider it.

The benefits of RPO

Extended talent pool An RPO provider will have a large network of candidates, meaning you'll get access to sought-after talent on a continuous basis. This includes those that aren't actively looking for work, and these are often the best people out there. What's more, the provider will have the high-level knowledge and tried-and-tested practices to ensure that these candidates are effectively matched to your roles. Boosted efficiency When you're recruiting and don't have the time to put proper processes in place, a scattergun approach can take form. This can open you up to accusations of bias, especially if internal candidates have applied. You may also end up with a very long shortlist and no clear way of proceeding, which eats into your time and resources. But with an RPO recruitment model, these processes are instead centralised, streamlined and consistent. An RPO provider will know the best way to land the best talent as quickly as possible. Reduced time to hire Because recruitment is an RPO provider's main focus, you'll shorten the length of time it takes to source talent. They will work closely with hiring managers to ensure they understand the role specifications. On top of this, they have the expertise required to swiftly identify the people most suited to your roles and your company culture. Enhanced diversity An inclusive and diverse workforce can lead to numerous benefits, including better innovation, decision-making, problem-solving and profits. Your RPO provider can help to more effectively integrate diverse hiring into your recruitment practices. Full compliance An RPO recruitment model can help you remain compliant in a number of ways - from ensuring there's no bias in interviews to adhering to the most recent legislation, such as GDPR and regulations relating to contractors.

Should you consider an RPO recruitment model?

This type of model is providing particularly effective at the moment, as businesses become inundated with applications from candidates. Rather than spending hours assessing piles of CVs, you can put them in the hands of your RPO partner. If you have a mapped employer brand strategy, they can ensure your value proposition is correctly conveyed to potential candidates. And if you don't, they can help shape your employer brand. Plus, you’ll be able to hire with agility. There are a number of different options available, such as recruitment for an entire new site or project, bundles of multiple hires, or sourcing for all particular role types across a business (like procurement, operations and finance). With an RPO model in place, you'll have a much more streamlined approach process. An RPO specialist works alongside you to bring the right talent into your business.

Outsource your recruitment with Cast UK

Cast UK has been offering 'light touch' RPO for the last few years, meaning we can integrate ourselves within your organisation to find the best talent for your brand, completely remotely. We've now formalised this by launching our CASTTalent solution. We can scale up or down to suit your hiring requirements and source contractors or permanent employees. CASTTalent offers project recruitment (where we can hire all employees for a new site) as well as niche recruitment (where we only source certain role types), bespoke to your organisation's needs. We've ensured flexible payments too, with options to spread costs over six or twelve months.

Call us on 0333 121 3345 to find out more about CASTTalent and how we can transform your talent recruitment.

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