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Feb 05, 2021

Why You Need To Boost Your Employer Branding When Hiring


We live in a time where everyone is online and connected. News spreads rapidly from one person to another - including information about your business. Whether it's positive or negative, this can significantly affect the reputation of your brand and your chances of attracting new talent. This is exactly why employer branding is so crucial when hiring. A well-developed employer branding strategy can influence how sought-after candidates perceive your company. yet it does so much more than merely change how others view you. In this blog, we explore why it's such an important part of every business...

Improves recruitment cycle

A large percentage of talent acquisition managers consider employer branding as an integral part of their business strategy, and there’s a good reason for that. These days, candidates tend to search in greater depth for information about a company before applying for a role. Naturally, a positive employer image will attract more attention to your company, whether that be through word-of-mouth, recommendations from a former employee, or reviews on platforms such as Glassdoor. To achieve a positive company image among prospective employees, you'll first need to clearly define your purpose and values. Do this, and you'll be able to find the talent that shares those beliefs and can you help you advance towards your goals.

Communicates your purpose and values

If you don’t know what your company stands for, or what your vision is for the future, neither will potential candidates (or even your current employees!). That means they won’t know what they stand to gain from working with you, and the part they have to play in achieving your objectives. It’s an important aspect for both those actively seeking their next career move and your existing team. In fact, it can enhance employee engagement, retention and business success. Clearly communicating what it's like to work at your organisation, across all channels, will allow you to hold on to the people who make your business great. It will also make your workplace more attractive to top talent.

Nurtures your company culture

Investing in employer branding will inevitably keep your existing employees proactive, engaged and generally happy. When your company has strong employer branding, staff typically feel more motivated and satisfied in their career - which is a positive sign to any candidates considering a move to your organisation. A robust company culture is especially important (and much harder to maintain) now that  working from home is the new norm. Engaged employees feel a sense of belonging to the whole, and typically go the extra mile to help you reach your goals.

Reduces recruitment costs and increases revenue

Employees who feel passionate about working for your business often feel more inclined to tell others about who you are and what you do. When they speak positively about your company, whether by word-of-mouth or social media, it generates the interest of the public. This can reduce recruitment costs, which is especially important for smaller businesses. Organisations that invest in employer branding also tend to experience increased revenue growth and a higher profit margin – and who doesn’t want to join an exciting, successful brand? At Cast UK, we have the knowledge and experience required to source new talent for your business. Our CAST+ solution includes employer branded advertising to ensure that your purpose, values and culture are clearly promoted to your target talent pool. To find out how, contact us today on 0333 121 3345 or

It's time to review your current employer branding. Download our Employer Branding Checklist below and work through each stage to review your employer brand.

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