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Sales manager

Sales professionals are often highly talented and qualified members of any organisation, but without a strategy and a direction, their hard work will never be as effective as their credentials deserve. Keeping them all pushing in the same direction is the sales manager.

Sales manager jobs normally lie between the team itself and the sales director or, in the absence of such a position, the board. Their role is to turn the company’s sales goals into reality through careful planning, coming up with a workable strategy and ensuring the team is able to get it done. They will do this with a mixture of hands-on instruction, hiring relevant staff and removing others from the team, monitoring sales performance and reporting back to the board with accurate figures and projections.

In larger companies, there could be another echelon in the sales hierarchy, such as an area sales manager or a regional sales manager, who will have similar responsibilities but over a distinct geographic area

The skills required

Sales managers need to balance the personal with the technical. Sales can be an exciting role when you’re landing new contracts and motivating a talented team, but there’s a lot of calculation and poring over figures involved.

You’ll need to have a good contact book and be able to recognise potential openings, which means you’ll have to be on top of your sector constantly, monitoring its moves, trends and opportunities. And since you’ll be the focal point for a whole sales team as well as the point of contact with the board, you’ll also need to be an excellent speaker and presenter.

Sales Manager Jobs in Glasgow

Located on the River Clyde in the western region of Scotland, Glasgow is the largest city north of the border and has the third largest population in the UK.

Known predominantly for its industrial past, which included the production of items ranging from textiles, carpet, furniture, food and drink, through to explosives, chemicals and industrial machinery, Glasgow was known during the 19th century as the Second City of the Empire.

A quarter of all the world's locomotives at the time were manufactured in Glasgow, while the Clyde shipyards were bustling with workers creating seafaring vessels of every shape and size.

Over the last 200 years, Glasgow has changed significantly. Most of the shipyards are gone (although some are still in operation) and many of the factories have been replaced with world-class shopping and high-end accommodation. Indeed, the city is ranked as one of Europe's top financial centres and one of the most liveable cities in the world.

For those seeking Sales Manager roles in Glasgow, there are plenty of opportunities, whether you're interested in manufacturing, retail, technology, biosciences, finance, education, media or transport.

Indeed, just some of the companies based in Glasgow include Clydesdale Bank, BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions, BBC Scotland, The Herald and John Dewar & Sons.

There's also the Port of Glasgow and Glasgow International Airport, and the city is home to four universities, a number of colleges and several sports teams, not to mention a variety of entertainment venues.

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