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Increasing numbers of companies are adopting the Scrum framework to their business change and transformation projects. It’s easy to see why, with advantages including reduced timeframes, more agility and an ability to react to changing demands quickly and confidently. But at the heart of the Scrum is the Scrum Master, a role that has profoundly altered the way projects are carried out. The Scrum Master is widely seen not as a manager but as a facilitator, removing obstacles from the team that would slow it down, be they technical or bureaucratic.

The Scrum Master organizes the daily scrum, maintain the product backlog and ensure every member of the team is fully aware of what he or she will be doing that day. This requires regular contact with the client or the board to ensure the overall strategy is being followed, and reacting when something has changed. There are also coaching responsibilities in the job, and that can often include coaching in the principles of Scrum itself to experts who are new to the methodology.

The skills required

A Scrum Master needs to be a person who absorbs information quickly enough to understand it and translate it into actions that the Scrum will put into action. You are an excellent communicator who is constantly guiding and influencing the team rather than laying down rules and instructions as is the case in the traditional project management structure. You are well versed in the principles of Scrum and have plenty of experience taking C&T projects to completion.

Although Scrum mastery itself is a skill, experience dealing with the industry in question will be invaluable, as this will determine the kinds of expertise the team will need. Your methodical approach, communication skills and aptitude in the industry also needs to be accompanied by professional scrum qualifications, sometimes at level III for the most demanding tasks.

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