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Import and export can be hugely profitable but they are fraught with legal and logistical mazes that will need to be negotiated if profit is to be maximised. The shipping coordinator will be in charge of making sure all orders are handled, sent and invoiced for and that payments have been received in accordance with the law and company policy.

The shipping coordinator will also be involved with negotiating rates with carriers and constantly pushing for deals that satisfy the budget and customer satisfaction criteria. This will all feed into the overall company profitability and is therefore a key requirement.

Perhaps most important of all, however, is keeping updated with the legal aspects of the job. There are numerous laws surrounding importing and exporting goods, mainly inspired by revenue generation and security considerations, bit of which have undergone a decade of non-stop change, and show no sign of settling in the near future.

Observing the legal requirements and maintaining healthy profitability will be a balancing act that the skilled shipping coordinator will be able to take in his or her stride.

The skills required

An in-depth knowledge of import and export law will be a uppermost in the skill set for this role. Oversights can be costly in terms of impounded goods, fines or even criminal proceedings against the company or individuals. However, being able to profitably coordinate the shipping operation of a busy logistics company while maintaining legality will be a close second. Shipping coordinators lacking in one or the other will suffer.

There will also be a good deal of negotiating with clients and suppliers and dealing with a team of employees. This high-pressure job will suit anyone who can deal with the technical and business critical issues whilst keeping the staff motivated and contented.

Shipping Coordinator Jobs in Glamorgan

Glamorgan is the historic name for the southern are of Wales. It was a formal county until the metropolitan counties were set up, and was home to Cardiff and Newport, among others. Locals often still refer to the area as Glamorgan when they are not necessarily talking about the Vale of Glamorgan, a smaller, specific county with fixed modern boundaries.

The Glamorgan area is were much of Wales’s industrial centre of gravity has been since the Industrial Revolution, and it is still the region at Wales’s political and cultural heart and where most of its population lives. Throughout all of Wales, the region of Glamorgan has to be the best place to find a Shipping Coordinator job thanks to its economic activity and concentrations of people.

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