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Manufacturing businesses need a strong link between their sales and marketing team and those doing the manufacturing and sourcing the raw materials and components. It is no use expecting productivity to simply be able to be increased to satisfy demand; there are so many factors to consider that a large jump in productivity could easily fail to meet it.

The site planning manager will be tasked with liaising regularly with the sales team and gathering information that will be used to turn productivity up or down. As well as signed off purchase orders that are definitely going ahead, there is also a need to keep abreast of future campaigns and promotions, as these can have huge effects on throughput. The site planning manager will use the demand information to keep the production and procurement teams informed of present and potential demand, so that they can put the wheels in motion for deciding on staffing levels, warehousing and storage needs and, most importantly, securing a supply of raw materials.

As demand can go down as well as up, the site planning manager’s input will be vital in reducing surplus production, which is costly both in terms of storage costs and reduced cash availability. Certain products, such as non-preservable foodstuffs, simply cannot be overproduced more than the bare minimum of slack, as this is direct waste with no potential for ale at a later date.

The skills required

Communicating with the various players in the supply chain will be an everyday occurrence to the site planning manager. Interpreting sometimes tentative information into information that’s usable by the production and procurement teams will require a good sense for expressing probability and certainty so that they can best decide on their next steps.

You’ll also need excellent IT skills in the shape of using common supply chain solutions as well as the normal office environment packages such as word processors and spreadsheets. These will be the channels via which you arrive at your throughput calculations and present your conclusions to the players in the supply chain.

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Site Planning Manager Jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne has long been an important location in Britain. During Roman times, a fort called Pons Aelius was erected and served as the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall, while the Duke of Normandy built a castle here in 1080.

In the Middle Ages, Newcastle was a fortress on the northern border during the wars against Scotland. By the 16th century, the area had become known for its coal production. The city enjoyed a monopoly on shipping the fuel and thus created a rivalry with other nearby towns like Tyneside and Sunderland.

Printing, glassworks and shipbuilding were a big part of the city's economy as the Industrial Revolution took hold. Then, 19th century innovations such as safety lamps, improved milling techniques, electricity generation and light bulbs paved the way for the city's prosperity.

Of course, you can't forget one of Newcastle's most beloved products: Newcastle Brown Ale. Also known as Newkie Broon, this drink first went into production in 1928 and has been a favourite beverage ever since. Production, however, has been moved to North Yorkshire.

Today, the Tyneside conurbation is among the 10 most populous in the UK, making it a good choice for those seeking new Site Planning Manager vacancies.

Heavy industry has declined over the last 50 years, to be replaced mainly with retail and the service sector. Just some of the many companies that are headquartered or have regional offices in the city include Greggs the baker, the Go-Ahead Group, Northern Rock, Proctor & Gamble UK and Sage, an enterprise software company.

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