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VP of Human Resources Jobs

When companies reach the upper echelons of size, status and reach, their human resources becomes more than a department; it is almost a community, a population. It is at this stage that a president and vice-president of human resources is appointed. They are overseeing directors, managers and HR teams to ensure the company is getting the most out of this important asset and that all regulatory procedures are being followed to the letter.

The VP of HR immediately manages directors and senior managers in HR specialisms, ensuring they are fulfilling their roles of guiding the company in the direction set by the board. In multinational companies, this means overseeing the HR teams in multiple political and legal jurisdictions, with all the challenges and opportunities that that represents. He or she is a significant presence on the board, and needs to be able to identify internal and external experts who have brought global or national benefits to their HR teams and win them over to the cause.

The skills required

In a large company the VP of human resources works alongside the president of HR and the top company executives to initiate, oversee and deliver the corporation’s goals with regard to all staffing matters. Practically speaking, this means overseeing a chain of command right down to HR staff in various locations, so a strategic mindset and an ability to communicate company policy to the senior HR team unambiguously will be a key skill.

VPs are often promoted internally, but it’s not unusual for talented and highly experienced HR professionals to land such roles from outside the company. You will need many years of experience in HR, having worked your way up the ladder through management and directorship before you can attain vice-presidency. Experience in the relevant sector is invaluable, as all industries have their own requirements and expectations.

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VP of Human Resources Jobs in the West Midlands

Comprising seven metropolitan boroughs - the city of Birmingham, the City of Coventry, Dudley, Solihull, Sandwell, Walsall and the City of Wolverhampton, the West Midlands is an English county with plenty of opportunities for those seeking VP of Human Resources vacancies.

Throughout history, the region has been known for its commerce and industry. During the Middle Ages, wool and cloth manufacture brought a significant amount of wealth to the West Midlands, particularly in Coventry.

By the 1700s, metalworking, small arms manufacture and mining were all important for the local economy, and this expanded to include bicycle building during the Industrial Revolution and beyond. In addition, two large banks - Lloyds and Midlands Bank (which later became HSBC) were both founded in the region during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Fast forward to today and the West Midlands is thriving. Birmingham, which vies with Manchester for the title of Britain's second city, has been called one of the best places in the country to have a business and it seems that big companies agree.

From finance and media, to manufacturing, engineering, tourism, retail and the service sector, there are many well-known organisations with headquarters or other large facilities in the region - including Cooks the Bakery, Marston's, Chubb Locks and Carillion.

Jaguar, Land Rover and MG cars are also manufactured in the West Midlands, along with London's iconic black taxis.

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