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Overseeing an entire division of a logistics company takes an intimate understanding of the company’s strategic aims and an ability to motivate the managers and staff to fulfil them. Successful divisional directors will need to have experienced the day-to-day running of a logistics operation and to have had executive powers, and will have managed teams of people to a high standard.

The specifics and balance of the job will vary from employer to employer, but there will always be a blend of customer relations, account management, commercial operation and transport management in the divisional director’s role. It’s a task for a high calibre person who is confident enough to make important decisions and see that the instructions are followed through by using hands-on and hands-off approaches where necessary.

With such an important role comes great responsibility but also potentially impressive rewards if targets are met and should new innovations inspired by the divisional director become profitable. It is vital that directions from the board or self-inspired are delivered in a clear and actionable way to meet the needs of the company.

The skills required

At this level of employment, candidates will usually have to have had a number of years’ experience of directing or managing a company or division in the logistics sector. With a large employer, the DD might have a substantially sized team under their control, and will need to be assertive enough to ensure that those under their direct instruction have received and understood messages and know how to realise them.

Specific knowledge of IT systems used in logistics would be advantageous but at the directorship level, most of the operational work will be carried out by management and technicians, so the people management, communication, financial and motivational aspects of the job will come to the fore.

Divisional Director Jobs in Rugby

The Warwickshire town of Rugby has several associations that make it well known, but by far the most notable is the game of rugby, which was supposedly invented when a boy, Webb Ellis, at school picked up the ball in a game of football in 1823 and ran with it (although some sport historians dispute the likelihood of this being true). The school in question was Rugby School, a public school that started off as a charitable place of education for local boys and ended up rather more exclusive.

The town is about as central in England as it’s possible to be. It’s located about 11 miles (18 km) east of Coventry, 18 miles (30 km) south of Leicester and 17 miles (28 km) north west of Northampton. Rugby is extremely well served by road and rail. It is surrounded to its north, east and south by the M6, M1 and M45 respectively, and has rail links to all the major metropolitan regions, a reminder of its importance in the railway golden age, when it was a key junction and engineering works.

Rugby might have a rather genteel image, and is quite a tourist magnet thanks to its beautiful Victorian architecture, but in reality it’s quite an industrialised town. It has log been a centre of engineering; the first jet engine was built there and the turbine tradition lives on today in the shape of a major Alstom plant and the Rolls Royce plc plant just up the road in Ansty. The town is also associated with cement making. Rugby is a good place to look for Divisional Director work as it has diversified into being a centre of distribution thanks to its transport links, but also because of its industry in the town and nearby.

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