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Ecommerce Analyst

Online retail is a living, breathing discipline, where product quality, marketing, social media, competitors’ campaigns, logistics and fulfillment, search optimisation and platform stability are all pushing and pulling performance in every direction. The task of the ecommerce analyst is to make sense of it all, and to put in place strategies to maximise profitability and minimise waste.

The good thing about this task is that pretty much any metric you could wish to follow is available online. Visitor tracking, site performance, customer satisfaction and all aspects of sales performance are available through digital means. The bad news is that the sheer volume of data available can be overwhelming. It’s the ecommerce analyst’s job to sort the wheat from the chaff, initially focusing on low-hanging fruit that can boost profitability, but ultimately drilling down into the minutiae to create sustainable profits and identify emerging risks and opportunities.

The skills required

Ecommerce analyst jobs are suited to those who like nothing better than to sit at a computer and look at endless streams of data, sorting and analysing it through spreadsheets and analytics software to mine for commercial benefits. Sometimes the problems and solutions are established and obvious, but it’s the ability to spot issues when they are still new and developing that makes an ecommerce analyst so valuable to any online retailer.

Any experience in ecommerce sales, marketing or logistics will be an advantage to the potential analyst, as a deep understanding of the territory helps them to identify issues more quickly.

Ecommerce Analyst Jobs in Darlington

Anyone familiar with the history of railways will already be familiar with the name Darlington. The 26-mile Stockton and Darlington railway was the first commercial railway in the world, opened in 1825 to great acclaim. Within 50 years, the railway system covered the whole country, and many of the mainlines remain in place today. Because of its early adoption, Darlington became a centre of engineering, with several of the large companies, including Robert Stephenson & Co., setting up there.

Bridge building and engineering are still strongly associated with the town. The Darlington name is embossed on bridges the world over, and many a lorry driver will be familiar with the name Cummins, the American engineering firm that makes diesel engines among many other things, which has a plant in Darlington employing around 700 people.

Darlington was originally a market town, part of the reason it required a rail link, and that remains today, with much of the surrounding area being served by its shopping area. Its largest single employer is Orange, which has a call centre there. The town is well served by rail, air and road, with great links to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool. With so much engineering and commerce going on, and a mobile population, Darlington is a great place to look for Ecommerce Analyst jobs, so please get in touch if you’re in the area looking for this kind of work.

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