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Ecommerce Manager

Ecommerce manager jobs cover a huge range of specialisms, whether that’s working with a logistics firm that has multiple ecommerce clients, or working for an online retailer that needs to find the optimum carriers for the various products they sell.

What all the roles have in common is a deep understanding of the way logistics and transport is inseparable from customer interactions and the sourcing and supply of products from a potentially global pool. As ecommerce manager, you’ll be the link between the in-house expertise brought by the digital team (such as marketing and development), the sales team, and the logistics and transport part, whether that’s in-house, outsourced or hybrid.

Ideally, you’ll already have plenty of experience running complex ecommerce operations from such a centralised role, However, talented individuals from logistics or digital teams can often rise to such an overarching position if they can demonstrate a rounded view of the way customer purchases, stock management, product supply and fulfillment interact with each other to benefit the company’s profits.

The skills required

As the intermediary between the board and the logistics and digital teams, excellent communication of goals and strategies will be crucial to performing the ecommerce manager role well. That will include analytical data, which you’ll often have to understand in its raw form and interpret for the various stakeholders.

An in-depth knowledge of the way ecommerce works, from factory to front door, will be critical to rising to the many challenges that come with the job.

Ecommerce Manager Jobs in Cornwall

Located in the south-west of England, Cornwall is mainly surrounded by water, although it shares a border with Devon to the east. The region is recognised as a Celtic nation, home to the Cornish people, and many residents in the area believe that it should be allowed to split from England to become the fifth home nation of the UK.

Fishing and agriculture have long been part of the Cornish economy and from the Middle Ages, the mining of tin became one of the most important industries in the region. This continued to grow and in the early 19th century, copper mining also brought wealth to the area.

Within 50 years, however, metal mining started to decline and was replaced by the production of china clay. By the end of the 1990s, mining was almost completely gone from Cornwall.

These days, the Cornish economy mainly relies on agriculture and tourism and those seeking Ecommerce Manager opportunities will have various options to consider.

Food manufacturing companies like Ginsters, the West Cornwall Pasty Company and Dairy Crest are large employers in the region, while brewing is also a large industry, with Sharp's, Skinners and St Austell being just three of Cornwall's many beer companies.

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