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Production Director

In companies where directorships are specific to certain roles, the production director is usually in charge of overseeing suppliers and supply chain, factories, warehousing and delivery of products to customers. In other words, it is directing the core part of the business, the part that makes the money, and as such only it goes to the most talented and experienced individuals.

The workforce will be under your direction, as they are instrumental in making sure products are made and delivered. Keeping the workforce operating optimally is within your remit, so you’ll be overseeing hiring and choosing managers down the echelons, or overseeing the process of recruitment.

The actual processes that turn components or raw materials into sellable products will be your main area of concern, however. You’ll be in charge of production related machinery and properties, including maintenance and repair. Of course, at this level, much of the hands-on work will be delegated but you’ll still need an intimate understanding of how production works in the company.

The skills required

Since all production processes are different, so are all production director jobs. The processes you’ve overseen in the past will certainly be useful for your next role, but you’re going to have to hit the ground running and learn whole new processes and possibly supply chains very quickly so you can start to make them run efficiently. You might even be directing the installation of new production processes, but the same applies.

You’ll be reporting to the board, taking instructions from and influencing its decisions. Good communication skills are the only way you can achieve this blend of responsibilities. You’ll also have a good grasp of finances, and how your decisions affect the efficiency and profitability of the company.

Production Director Jobs in Hastings

Hastings has no historical claims on the UK’s culture – unless you count a minor scuffle in 1066 that changed the rulers of the nation forever. In fact, the main battle took place on a Senlac Hill, about 6 miles (10 km) to the northwest of the town, but it’s known to generations of schoolchildren as the Battle of Hastings. Perhaps if Harold had not needed to take his army north to repel an invasion of Norsemen just as the Norman invasion was happening, the battle, and British history, would have been very different. And that probably means we wouldn’t all be here, so we owe the Norwegians one!

The town became an important fishing village as time progressed, and fishing still plays a part in the town, and the largest beach-based fishing fleet in Europe is based there. The town, like many seaside towns, thrived during the Victorian period, especially when the railway came, and Hastings was one of a string of popular holiday destinations along the south coast. It still remains so.

Hastings is a relatively large town, with a static population approaching 100,000. Its tourism industry is its largest employer, but fishing and its related industries is still quite important. Around the town there are many small businesses and a few retail and industrial parks. The diversity of industry and the population that changes seasonally means that Production Director jobs do appear from time to time in Hastings, so it is always worth checking with us to see if anything is in the pipeline in or around the town.

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