Wayne Brophy

Jun 03, 2021

How To Secure The Top 1% Of Talent In Your Leadership Team


After a year of uncertainty for many industries, normal business is finally starting to resume. Naturally, you’ll be eager to fire from all cylinders to surpass your competitors, and the driving force for this lies in the top bracket of your leadership team. But do you have a missing link? When searching for executive personnel, it’s crucial to recruit the right person for the job. Yet this is easier said than done. Your ideal candidate is likely going to be working for another company when it comes to executive recruitment, and not necessarily looking for a new job. So most of the legwork falls to you. To aid your efforts, we’ve uncovered some useful tips to help you secure the top 1% of talent in your leadership team.

Use employees as ambassadors 

Before you’ve officially made contact with a candidate, lay some digital groundwork. Leaders in your business should already have an active and well-connected LinkedIn presence. Use this to your advantage by painting your company in the best possible light to attract executive talent. Orchestrate positive content that demonstrates your organisation’s culture and values. Invite potential candidates to take a look without being too pushy – a simple connection request should do the trick. You can then build your brand by asking other teams to interact with the content, helping to engage high-profile talent (and maybe customers, too). Your current leadership team is also a handy source of intel for the recruitment process. Discover what initially drew them to the role and feed these responses to aspiring employees.

Differentiate from competitors

If you’ve singled out a particular candidate based on their attributes, you may not be the only one with your eye on them. To ensure you don’t lose out to a better offer, you need to set yourself apart from your competitors. Find out if other companies are hiring for similar roles, and if they are, make sure you’re offering something unique. Whether that’s building on your current employer brand or experimenting with new ideas, articulate your purpose and make it clear that what you’re offering is of high value to them. Remember, an experienced individual who isn’t necessarily job hunting may need more convincing. Be flexible with terms to present a smoother transition for them – this could be the nudge they need to join your team.

Promote career goals

When it comes to high-calibre roles, making a switch to another company holds a lot of weight. At executive level, your potential candidate won’t be looking for a stop gap – they’re already at the top of their game. So, to persuade talent to join your leadership team, start a conversation about their career goals. With clarity and conviction, express your ability to help them achieve their next steps. Convince them that there’s more to learn, and if they’re worth it, invest in growth opportunities within your business to seal the deal. If you can paint a clear picture of progression that they can’t view in their current role, you’re at an advantage.

Turn to Cast UK

The consequences associated with hiring the wrong person means securing that top 1% of leadership talent can be difficult. That’s where CastExec comes in. Our executive recruitment Solution uses these obstacles as motivation to go the extra mile. Blending verified search methodologies with advanced technology [LINK: The New Recruitment blog], we ensure you leave nothing to chance and make the right decision first time around. Cast UK’s flexible and efficient services will support you through an ever-changing landscape and help supercharge your business. And if you’d like to find out how our Solutions can meet your needs, get in touch today on 0333 121 3345 or at hello@castuk.com.



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