Wayne Brophy

May 28, 2021

What Is The New Recruitment? The Crucial Changes You Need To Know


Worldwide disruption, digitisation, technological advances, the ever-changing global landscape, agile business demands – the pandemic wasn’t the only contributing factor that led to a makeover of the recruitment industry. As a result, consultancies are pivoting to create new solutions that meet clients’ needs in a dynamic world, and so we’re now experiencing the new recruitment. Here, we uncover what this fresh approach looks like, and highlight the crucial changes adopted by Cast UK.

The new recruitment 

To say the industry has been volatile over the last 12 months would be an understatement. Although, of course, there have been many employers who have had to make redundancies, in some specialisms the demand for new candidates or specific skills has soared. But as consultancies adapt to shifts in workload, the digitisation of processes added an extra factor to contend with. Fortunately, this was an area that the new recruitment was prepared for. Recruiters were experiencing the effects of tech disruption long before the pandemic. Now, everyone from startups to well-established organisations can utilise better solutions through digital innovation. But what does this entail?

Tech disruption

New technologies have been key to improving the speed, efficiency and overall effectiveness of recruitment processes - benefiting clients and consultancies alike. Here's how Cast UK have used these updated systems to change for the better. Speed We've accelerated our recruitment process to achieve a more agile response to client needs. Our video interviewing feature means we can ensure that employers are able to carry out the process quicker, and don't miss out on worthy candidates because they've since accepted other offers. Efficiency Now, we're able to shortlist candidates in an online portal where it only takes one click to access all the relevant documents (such as CVs etc.), leading clients to achieve greater efficiency. Plus all of our processes are automated with bespoke software, which is constantly being developed and expanded. Effectiveness Applicant tracking systems (ATS) help us to ensure clients maintain a talent pool. They can re-engage previous applicants through techniques such as automated emailing campaigns, and document skills types for future requirements. We’ve also been able to help amplify employer branding to support the war for new talent and encourage people to work for them. Planning More recently, our new Solutions make it possible for clients to tactically plan recruitment to suit their needs, even before they've mapped out what these roles are. With CASTTalent, employers can secure our services in advance, giving them peace of mind that they have the flexibility to draw down on them whenever the need arises.

The importance of retention

That being said, it's crucial not to forget about the golden rule of recruitment: candidates are people, not numbers. An all-out reliance on technology risks the loss of human touch that's highly valued by the applicants (and businesses), so finding the right balance is key. As normality begins to resume, we're seeing a candidate-short market again where retention has never been more important. It's this approach that employers need to take with their current workforce. By engaging with the employees who contribute most effectively to your company, you can improve your staff engagement and retentions rates.

Cast UK can help

The new recruitment has made consultancies even better equipped to find the right talent for your business. And while the retention of your finest assets is equally important, Cast UK are ready and waiting for when you need a boost to your workforce. Finding talent shouldn't be complicated. That's why we made our Solutions simple. Our Solutions allow you to choose how much you pay, a longer free replacement period and allow you to spread your payments. If you're ready to recruit check out our Solutions and reach out to us on 0333 121 3345 or hello@castuk.com

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