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Logistics is a hugely competitive industry, with hundreds of large and small operators in the UK alone. Winning new contracts and retaining the existing ones is the lifeblood of the industry – provide a good service at a good price and clients will remain happy. The sales director in a logistics company will oversee a team of sales managers and a sales team to seek out new opportunities and maximise them.

The role might not involve any face-to-face sales at all; it could purely be an oversight task, providing goals and direction to the team under your directorship. Alternatively, it could involve executive sales, meeting and networking with players in the target companies to secure deals.

As a strategic level, the sales director’s success will be judged on the amount of new business he or she brings in to the company. That means that a firm and in-touch command of the managers and sales force will be required, whilst allowing talented sales professionals to go about their business as long as they are fulfilling the company’s aims and generating profits.

Sales Director skills required

A demonstrable excellence in running a team of sales professionals will be required to perform this task, preferably at director level but managing a team will be a sufficient pre-requisite for many sales directorships.

Communication between the head office and the managers will be an important part of the job, so a lively and positive personality will be required. There will also probably be a good deal of contact with executive-level employees of target client companies, so experience of sales with this level of office will be hugely advantageous.

An in-depth knowledge of the industry in which the company operates will also help, as there are certain elements of logistics that pertain only to specific sectors, such as legal issues and matters of seasonality.

Sales Director Jobs in the Vale of Glamorgan

The Vale of Glamorgan is a region and local council area occupying Wales’s southernmost area. The area is well known for its rolling countryside, which is in start contrast to much of the rugged Welsh landscape, and the region has been used for agriculture for centuries. The county town of Barry is located towards its eastern edge, and its population of about 45,000 means that it accounts for roughly one-third of Glamorgan’s population. The town of Penarth (pop. 20,000) is a suburb of Cardiff, but is part of the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Vale of Glamorgan is quite small in area but has a dense population. Many of its towns serve as commuter towns for Cardiff, Newport and Swansea, and there is a good amount of industry in the area. This county is among the most promising in Wales when it comes to Sales Director and similar jobs. As well as those within the county itself, there are plentiful opportunities in the cities to the east and west.

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