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Senior Buyer jobs

From manufacturing to communications, retail to defence, transport to education - in just about every sector, there is a need for procurement professionals, and Senior Buyers play an important role in ensuring that goods are sourced on time and within budget.
Of course, every position is different, but in most cases, a Senior Buyer will be responsible for finding suppliers, negotiating contracts and seeking ways to reduce costs, improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

The skills required

Anyone looking to take on a new role as a Senior Buyer should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the intricacies of the purchasing process, as well as the relevant laws and legislation.

Successful candidates should have good organisation and project management skills, while an ability to build relationships with suppliers and stakeholders is also vital. You should be a confident negotiator with a talent for communicating well with a wide range of people.

Knowledge of the various systems and software used within the procurement industry is recommended, as well as the Microsoft Office package - including Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

In most cases, a Senior Buyer will be in charge of a team. Therefore, a strong sense of leadership is a must. So is an ability to train, guide and motivate your team and deal with issues as they arise.

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Here at Cast UK, we have worked hard to become one of the UK's leading recruiters in the supply chain & Procurement sector. Our team of consultants have all held roles in these fields, giving them a good understanding of what makes the ideal candidate for a position.
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Senior Buyer Jobs in Dartford

At the eastern side of the London conurbation, just to the south of the Thames, a few hundred metres of agricultural land separate the city from its neighbour Dartford. As the crow flies, Dartford is about 14 miles (23 km) from the centre of London. The M25 cuts right through the middle of the town and becomes the Dartford tunnel if you’re heading north (anticlockwise) or the Queen Elizabeth Bridge if you’re heading south (clockwise). Interestingly, the tunnel and bridge are not technically part of the motorway – they form the A282 so that vehicles not permitted to use the motorway can use them – so the M25 is not a complete loop.

Dartford has a long industrial history, with brewing, paper-making, cement making, lime-burning, chalk mining, chemical manufacturing and heavy engineering all going on, with a ready market just up the river in London. However, as the twentieth century wore on, most of these industries died out and Dartford’s service sector got stronger, alongside plentiful light industry. Nowadays there are several trading and industrial estates around the town, and the old Blue Circle Cement factory was demolished and the land used for the huge Bluewater shopping centre. Next to the river is Littlebrook oil-fired power station.

With plenty of industry sill in existence in the town, fantastic connections and one of the UK’s largest shopping centres on its doorstep, Dartford is a prime location for Senior Buyer jobs. It is also a large town, whose population tops 85,000, or 100,000 if the whole borough is taken into account. Opportunities in the logistics sector could hardly be more promising than those presented by Dartford’s profile.

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