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Logistics is growing in complexity almost as fast as software can keep up with it, but the revolution in the sector that IT has allowed cannot be denied. That leaves a set of hugely important roles in the field, namely the designers of solutions to keep everything running smoothly and analyse results.

While many off-the-shelf solutions are available, companies with the budget and the need will often design their own logistics solutions. This could be because of specific requirements of their company or simply so that they have ownership of the solution, cutting down on licensing fees. Companies seeking to build and maintain solutions either through which to run the whole operation or to deal with, say, invoicing or analysis will hire solutions design managers to head its development and use.

A good, flexible system that will grow with the company and allow the integration of other departments’ activities will, if it works well, save the company significant amounts of money on administration, lost orders and customer relations, to name but a few advantages. And any implementation will need a good solution design manager to keep it running at full throttle.

The skills required

First-class IT skills will be required for this role, even if the manager is not personally programming or setting up networks. They will have to have an intimate knowledge of the system, its capabilities and its limitations if it is to be successful. Previous experience of setting up or managing software solutions will be essential.

Superb analytical skills will be necessary, as will great people-management, motivational skills and communications; software solutions can require late nights and long hours when they need fixing, so it’s important to have a team that gels.

Successful solution design managers will need an exceptional aptitude for self-motivation. He or she could be one of only a handful or people who understands the inner workings of the solution, so good problem-solving skills will also be required.

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Solution Design Manager Jobs in Yorkshire

A historic county in northern England, Yorkshire is well known for its beautiful green spaces, as well as its intriguing past - but it has also long been a centre for industry and commerce, making it an ideal choice for those seeking Solution Design Manager jobs.

During the 15th century, the region was locked in civil war against neighbouring county Lancashire. Known as the Wars of the Roses, this series of conflicts over the throne lasted for more than 85 years, although a more friendly rivalry between the regions still exists today - mainly when it comes to sport.

Renowned for its wool and textile industry, Yorkshire also gained prominence for coal mining in the 16th and 17th centuries.

As the Industrial Revolution took hold, the region flourished - this was especially true of Sheffield, which was known for its innovation in the steel industry. What's more, a series of canals and railways was also developed, simplifying the transport of goods and raw materials throughout the region.

Today, a number of large cities and towns can be found in Yorkshire, including, Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, Halifax and Bradford, and within these locations job seekers can find a variety of industries - from financial and retail, through to manufacturing and technology.

Some of the top employers in the region include Morrisons, Asda, Yorkshire Bank Leeds, First Direct, Timothy Taylor Brewery and McCain Foods (GB).

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